220px-HungerGamesPosterBecause of the 2nd part of the The Hunger Games trilogy just coming out I was intrigued and decided to watch the first part to see what it is about.


President or God?

Just like in the myth of the Minotaur, one boy and one girl from each of the 12 districts are chosen in random and are taken to the labyrinth, er… I mean the capital, where they have to be sacrificed. These are the Hunger Games and they are a reality tv show that takes part once a year. The sacrifice is that the participants have to be thrown in a wild forest where they have to survive and kill each other until there is only one winner left. All this is happening while the rest of the world is watching through a television set. The people from the production of the reality show, just like the Olympian gods, are watching from above and can change the rules of the games; like deus ex machina they help the players if they like them (or if it makes a good TV show) or sent Cerberus to make them suffer if they don’t. In the end President Snow reminds us of an angry Zeus; angry because the heroes tricked him and I guess will get ready to take his revenge!

Though it is set in a futuristic background and we must assume that we are in a world very far from the one we live in, I found myself paralleling these cruel games to our own society. The fear and distress that the participants of the games feel, the hunger and despair and anger that the people of the districts feel, the indifference and apathy that the people from the capital show, as well as the heroism and humanity of our Katniss and the hope she brings, they are everyday feelings springing from our world. Another reason why the Hunger Games are so successful and why I can’t wait to watch the second part!