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From the Greek mythology until Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Mozart’s The Magic Flute Elysium is paradise. Though it is usually described as the afterlife, in the case of our film it shows paradise not on earth exactly but on a space shuttle at an orbit around the overpopulated earth where the rich and privileged live. It shows us the perfect life that they have, living as if they are constantly on holiday, being forever young and healthy, having found panacea in the form of a miraculous bed that can cure everything, while the poor on earth are starving and are treated as scum. A more futuristic way of showing the chaotic social differences that are known to the human race since ancient times. The poor have to fight for their right to live and Max, our hero, is the modern day Hercules or Messiah who is going to save the poor and give them hope with his sacrifice.

I started watching it 10 days ago. I watched half of it and I was thinking whether to watch the rest of it or not, but after changing job, moving house and country, I decided watching the rest of the film would be the less daring thing I did this week.

It is predictable, ugly, violent and boring, it might have been worth to watch on a 3D movie screen if only for the special effects, but on a dvd there are better stories to watch! elysium_2013


The Wolf of Wall Street


Money money money…

From the moment I first saw the trailer of The Wolf of Wall Street I wanted to watch the film. So last night I went with my sister to the cinema. What I knew about the film was that all my male friends had loved it but all my girl friends didn’t exactly hate it but could not really stomach it; and we too felt the same.

Jordan Belfort, the wolf, is a stock broker who creates a brokerage firm, Stratton Oakmont. His firm is actually a boiler room where he has employed many stock brokers, more than just a pack of wolves, to manipulate and defraud investors. Leading a prodigal life full of drugs, alcohol, fancy cars, yachts, prostitutes, parties and spending millions of other people’s money he was caught eventually by the FBI.

I had the feeling that I had already seen something like that, Goodfellas or Casino. It just shows Jordan Belfort’s success and downfall without showing exactly how he felt; just scratches the surface. He must have been happy because he did what he wanted, he probably didn’t feel remorse for anything, he didn’t even seem tired! The drugs and the alcohol didn’t affect his system? I wonder! But maybe that is not the point of the movie. The point is to entertain and make the spectator feel something. So girls, since it is a three hour film, better wait for the DVD!


Gangster Squad

gangster-squad-final-posterI have always liked films that describe a different era. So tonight I decided to watch Gangster Squad and I loved it!

It describes half a dozen honest cops, the only ones that are actually left, that stand up against Mickey Cohen, the biggest gangster in LA. and bring him to his downfall. It is based on a true story.

As soon as it started I was hooked by the costumes and the cars and the music and the hollywood_boulevard_at_night_1950s_CAnight clubs of that time. The characters are very attractive as well, so you believe in them. Jerry is seductive and gets the girl  and John is the real hero that you know will keep you safe. Mickey Cohen is the ultimate villain. The  film captures the atmosphere of the time and it is very interesting to watch. It reminded me of the classic american gangster movies with all this chain smoking and gun fighting. Mickey looked so much like James Cagney that I thought that if this film was made in black and white, then one might get confused and think that it is one of the old movies. Only we are lucky and we have it in colour!