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We Bought a Zoo

we bought a zooI thought quite intriguing what a film that is called We bought a zoo would be about. So last night I found out.

Benjamin Mee, who is the father of two, in his struggle to overcome his wife’s death, he decides to buy a we-bought-a-zoo04zoo. Believing this way that he and his children will start afresh and get over his grief. Through his interaction with the animals and the stuff he manages to move on and live his adventure.

It is a family drama with its sad and funny moments and the music of the film is great. It didn’t really become my favourite film, but it’s a sweet way to relax in front of the TV.


world_war_zLast night I tried to watch World War Z  and I only made the effort because Mr Pitt made it and he is one of my favourite actors. But I really do hate films with zombies!

So I managed to watch the first 10 minutes. I’m sorry but I can’t find meaning in this movie. What’s the point? What was he thinking?