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Epic Quad

Last night after a quiet day I wanted to watch something light. Epic is what I chose to watch.

It is an animated film about a lonely girl, M.K., who isn’t very close to her father but comes to live with him after her mother died. Her father is obsessed with the forest and unwittingly she is caught in its magic. After the queen of the forest died she has to save it from darkness and rot. She will do that of course with the help of the magical snail and slug and the Leafmen, who are the army of the forest.

No one is alone is what the Leafmen say and that is what I tried to remember from that film. It is magical and colourful and nice and sometimes funny (though not enough). Unfortunately it didn’t become one of my favourites.


The Notebook

the notebookWell I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what a marvellous film The Notebook is but I couldn’t resist! It is definitely the best film for a girl’s night in. Last night, I stambled on it on TV and two hours later I found that I hadn’t changed the channel. It was not my intention to watch it, again, I’ve already seen it 2 or 3 times but I couldn’t help it.

The film is about a wonderful love story between Allie and Noah. What amazes me about this love story is that it is like a lesson in love. Noah says: if you’re a bird I’m a bird. What I get from that is: after I met you I couldn’t be anything else but what you want me to be; I couldn’t go anywhere else but where you are; I agree to anything as long as you’re there with me. It is as simple as that.

For those of you who have seen it, well you know what  I am talking about. For those of you who haven’t, I envy you!The_Notebook_15

Trouble with the curve

trouble-with-the-curve-movie-poster-3I just watched Trouble with the curve and though I don’t know much about baseball (I really don’t understand the rules) I enjoyed this film.

A baseball scouter that old age caught up with him, doesn’t want to admit it. But as his eyesight is failing him his friends and enstranged daughter are concerned. Since he has to watch the highschool games and scout, it gets really difficult to do his job. His daughter, a lawyer, who took a lot after her father and knows a lot about baseball, goes with him to the games to make sure he is ok. And a young trouble-with-curve1athlete who turned scout keeps them company and helps the daughter come to terms with her father.

This is such a sweet and whole film. From the beginning to the end the actors are at their best, it is funny and touching and though I didn’t quite understand the jargon around baseball it didn’t really matter. What I have always admired and felt a little envious of, are the people that their passion is what they do for a living. They are experts so they can do no wrong and choose no wrong. They are talented and confident and, if contradicted, time is always by their side,  in the end they are proven to be right! (Plus I came to understand that I love anything Ms Adams does.)


The Woman in BlackLast night I watched a film that was never on my list of films that I HAD TO watch, because I don’t really watch thrillers, but it started and I was caught! It was quite interesting and very scary!

Arthur Kipps is trying very hard to keep his job at the law firm where he’s working and when the firm sends him to a remote village in the north he leaves his 4-year old son with his nanny and goes to the village to sort things out. He has to gatherthe-woman-in-black-whysoblu-com-4 the documents from an old house whose owner just died, so that it will be sold, but when he gets there he finds that all the villagers don’t want him and try to make him leave. Determined not to lose his job he spends time in the house which seems haunted as a woman in black appears and disappears.

Without much dialogue it is a great thriller based on the house’s atmosphere, the villagers’ hurt looks, the marshes and the protagonist’s face who is also haunted by his wife’s memory. After watching for about an hour I thought of not watching the rest and turn the TV off  but, well, I couldn’t! I remember feeling my heart beat quite fast and though I tried to rationalize it and calm down, well, I couldn’t! I thought of not writing about it in this blog but, well, I couldn’t! But I have to say, I still don’t believe in ghosts.


robin-hood-2010Rise and rise again until lambs become lions…

It is actually as true for the 21st century as it was for the 12th century England. The corruption, the conspiracies, the betrayals! Based on the notorious legend of Robin Hood, the aristocrat who returned from war to find chaos and disorder in his homeland, turned outlaw to take from the rich and give to the poor and fell in love with beautiful Lady Marion of course. Now this Robin Hood released in 2010 2010_robin_hood_005has a difference. It feels real, how the story could have been. It takes the legendary story of Robin and integrates it with a part of English history, basing it on the real disputing and battling between King John and King Philip II of France!

The film travels us back in time! The atmosphere of the scenes is so beguiling, the costumes are so real, the setting as well, it felt to me that I could almost smell what they smelt. It takes us back and we see their games. wars, dancing and drinking whenever there was a chance! It is a charming period film and it is worth the almost 2 and 1/2 hours.

PS. Isn’t it amazing how Mr Crow is so sexy in some films and so off-putting in some others? Oh, don’t worry, this is one where he is!