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Killing them softly

killing-them-softly-poster-header“America is not a country, it’s a business.”

I had this film in my “to watch” list for some time now and because I expected it to be very aggressive I never came round to watching it. But last night I finally did and I found it quite interesting. It is undeniably a violent film, maybe not the best choice for a girl’s night in, but with a Pulp Fiction-like touch.killing them softly ray liotta

The film is set in a very harsh and ugly America.  It has an all-male cast depicting the troubles of the underworld starting with the consequences of the robbing of a rigged card game. Jackie Cogan is the hired gun who has to bring back the balance and the trust in the criminal circles. At the background we have very real statements of the past president Bush and current president Obama commenting on how optimistic America is and how things will work out, when the film unfolds showing us the raw and brutal reality.

The characters’ lack of conscience, the surprisingly great music that accompanies murderous scenes, and these comments from the presidents give to the film a little lightness that makes it easier and much more interesting to watch.

killing the softly


Letters to Juliet

Letters_to_juliet_poster ‘All the ladies are gonna be flocking to Verona’

I’m sure from the title and the pictures you get what this film is about in no time. But what you can’t know unless you see it is how beautiful Verona is (apart from the people of course who already have been there!)

So here we have Sophie who visits Verona with her fiance, he is very busy, and somehow she gets herself in an gelato?adventure with other people and finds true love! She writes about this adventure and her publisher said the one thing that stuck with me and made me write about this film; that the ladies will be flocking to Verona. Because as soon as the characters stepped their foot in Italy I was captured and instantly wanted to be there myself. The sunny city, the friendly people, the food and the wine, the gelato and the campagna and, of course, Tuscany is unbelievable.

The film, as its story goes, does not hold a great surprise and the music could have been much better; but from a tourist point of view it’s even better than what Woody Allen has done for Rome or Paris! So, if you feel like travelling, if it’s kind of a last minute decision and you have only a couple of hours to spend, well this is certainly the fastest way to get there. Pour yourself a glass of chianti and enjoy!


Fair Verona!


” What brings us together is what pulls us apart”

After a May day very far from spring with the cold wind and the rain beating us almost all day I snowhitewanted to watch something with a little atmosphere having a hot cup of chocolate between my hands. So I made myself comfortable to watch yet another fairy tale, Snow White and the Huntsman. And I loved it!

The first part of the film stays true to the original fairy tale by the brothers Grimm; it is dark and mysterious and scary! Depicting the beautiful stepmother as having heavy psychological problems because of rejection and poverty during childhood, the evil queen was really evil but for a reason. There is a twist in the tale when Snow White finds shelter in a village suffering under the queen’s reign; thus meeting her own people and understanding their problems. She meets the dwarves later who lead her in the magic forest and accept her as their saviour and future queen.

As in Ever After, the famous protagonist is more than a pretty face, she is not a princess only in title, but she is a fighter, a leader. She actually puts on an armour after her return from the dead to lead her people against the queen! Prince Charming comes to her rescue only a minute (or a lifetime!) too late…

Snow White and the Huntsman delivers the magic that you expect and more. The scenes in the forest are marvelous. The fairies and the animals and the music are all enchanting. The dwarves are just the best! It’s an all-star cast that together add character and more magic to the film. It’s a dark and captivating fairy tale!