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austenlandAny great fan and avid reader of Jane Austen’s work will eventually watch this film. I am going to try and stop you, although I’m sure you will still watch it.

Our main character is Jane a modern day spinster who is living her life in a dream surrounded by Austen’s characters. Naturally she is in love with Mr Darcy! She decides to spend her life’s savings on a holiday austenmisscharmingin Austenland where there are people whose job is to be dressed and speak like 18th century characters. She will be a part of it for a few days and of course she will meet Mr Nobly the equivalent of Mr Darcy.

Some of Austen’s characters are ridiculous and pathetic but are described in Austen’s lovely sense of humour which makes her books a delight to read. In this film the protagonists were also ridiculous and pathetic but in a horrific and revolting way. So much so that at some scenes my eyes hurt from watching! For some preposterous reason I am ashamed to admit that I watched it all; and I didn’t even pause to make me a cup of coffee!

Austenland (1)



Brave-2012-1-While I was at the gym the other day I decided to watch Brave. It is the story of Merida the teenage princess of a Scottish king who has passed her young life instructed by her mother how to be a proper princess when all she really wants to do is run free in the forests and shoot arrows.

It is a beautifully made cartoon by Disney, with beautiful scottish music and interesting characters but I felt it to be more like a study on how to treat teenage girls. Brave is not just about the feisty princess that was brave enough to fight the giant bear, but for every mother and daughter that were brave enough to pass through puberty and keep their relationship intact.

I really believe that every mother with a daughter should watch this, especially a mother with a daughter that enters puberty.


Merida and Elinor

White House Down


Yesterday as it was pouring almost all day and there wasn’t much else to do, I got to watch White House Down once more. An all american action film that followed the receipe and was cooked to perfection. All the ingredients, the hot real-life hero, the fast paced plot full of action, the last minute overthrow (including a small share of predictable scenes if you have seen a lot of these films) are given in the right white house downdosage to make this the perfect film for a night in!

John Cale, a war veteran, takes his teenage daughter to the White House since she has a crash for politics and the President of the United States, while he wants to apply for a position at the President’s detail. After the interview he decides to follow the White House tour for his daughter’s sake. Incidentally there are a bunch of terrorists in the house that he finds himself he has to deal with because he has to save his daughter and the president. As it happens he is the a secret weapon in the House.

It is the ultimate American hero film where the ultimate american symbol is threatened but the ultimate hero saves the day, the country, the world. Enjoy!whitehousedown - Copy

This is 40

this is 40While I was at the gym the other day the film This is 40 was on and I decided to watch it hoping that it would make it easier to cover the miles that I needed on the treadmill. And although I was excited at first and thought myself lucky as I usually enjoy Mr Rudd’s choices, this one was quite difficult to finish!

It is about a couple that have been together for about 15 years, they have two daughters and they reach their 40th birthday. They are an average American family and we follow their story while they ‘re having their middle life crisis.

I have to say that I tried to watch it all but I was unbelievably bored and it was not that helpful eventually on the treadmill. I only hope that I won’t feel that bored or be that boring when I get 40…