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Runner Runner

runner-runner-poster__oPtLast night I watched this excuse of a film called Runner Runner.

Ritchie Furst is a bright and talented Princeton student who goes to Costa Rica to find Ivan Block, the ownerrunner runner of a gambling website that cheated him. As Furst asks for his money back Block decides to offer him a job and Furst drawn by the fast cash, beautiful girls and extravagant lifestyle decides to stay. Having set his business in Costa Rica where the law can be bought Block can do almost what he pleases; and we get to glimpse a little of this exotic country, both the deluxe villas and expensive yachts as well as the local colour of it.

Still this isn’t reason enough to watch it. After watching and waiting for the plot to unravel and the film to get interesting in vain, I just wanted it to end.




About Time

About-Time-poster-303x450A friend of mine was sure that I would like this film so last night I decided to watch it.  And it was a big surprise!

About Time is about Tim, a young man who finds out when he turns 21 that all the men in his family can travel back in time; and when he meets the woman of his dreams, Mary, he does everything in his power to win about-time-image08her heart. And I had thought that this would be just about everything the film would have to offer. Here is where I was pleasantly surprised, as I was wrong. It describes this young man’s conscious decisions to show his love towards his woman, his family and his friends, teaching us to appreciate every single day of our “extraordinary-ordinary” lives as if it was our “full final day”. It is a sweet and moving film, hilarious at times, making me laugh out loud, but so moving as well, that I cried as a baby too.

Another big surprise for me was the music! Amazing versions of songs that I always loved having sunny Cornwall in the background or the busy streets of London.

It is a beautiful film. It was my mistake to underestimate it, but it was refreshing to be surprised like that as it surpassed my expectations! A great way to spend the evening.

“I just try to live every day as if I’ve deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it as if it was the full final day of my extraordinary-ordinary life”

About Time

Fading Gigolo

f gigoloAs soon as I found out that Woody Allen took part in a film that wasn’t his own I was surprised and intrigued as this almost never happens, and wanted to watch it. So I went once more to a summer cinema to watch Fading Gigolo.

Mo a bookshop owner decides to close his shop so Fioravante his friend and assistant is left out of fading-apr12work. Mo in a weird need to help his friend starts pimping him as Fioravante’s work in the florist’s doesn’t leave him with enough to get by. After some convincing Fioravante decides to take up this new task. In an unexpected way he ends up in love.

It is a bittersweet comedy set in New York. Mr Torturro’s characters and plot are quite influenced by Mr Allen’s style. Without it being the best film I’ve ever seen it was a pleasant enough way to spend the evening.


The Saint

The_Saint_1997_posterWhen I started this blog I didn’t have this film in my mind but as I stumbled upon it the other day on TV and watched it for one more time, I thought ‘why not write about this?’ Because this film isthe saint german my ABSOLUTE favourite.

I know that I must have been one of the few who enjoyed it; I actually went to the cinema twice to watch it when it was released, I bought the soundtrack and listened to it a million times while driving, and I had been waiting for the sequel for years before I realised that I was waiting in vain.

Nevertheless, now that I watched it almost 2 decades after its first release (it was released in 1997) and although technology has moved on extremely, I still enjoyed it very much. I strongly believe NErd Saintthat what distinguishes it from other films of its kind is that it is not based only on high technology or visual effects (otherwise it would be very tiring to watch now) or the character’s ability to run and jump, but the story, the costumes, the transformations of the saint, the eccentric characters and its humour. The pretty girl is not just very pretty, but she has brains, she can’t kick and fight (usually girls can’t), she has a heart condition, she’s human. The villain is not a cartoon-like villain but a proper mobster.

The Saint, Simon Templar is an orphan growing up in an orphanage ran by catholic priests. He grows up to be a very talented and capable thief who travels the whole world to satisfy his clients, but he also has a thomas more the saintgoal; that after reaching a specific amount in his bank account he is going to quit. His last job is go to Oxford University to steal Dr. Emma Russell’s formula and hand it to the Russian mafia, but Dr Russell outsmarts him. She falls in love with him and manages to save him as she is the only one who sees through him.

The one last thing that I will say about this film is that it is still perfect from beginning to middle to end and it is worth watching any night in.

the saint


uKMWCvS8tiBO3GCOsJ6AzHULK58Adore is one such film that can’t be dismissed lightly. You can’t say “I like it” or “I don’t like it” and be done with it. It is a film about all kinds of true love; between lovers, between friends, between mothers and sons, but it can make you feel uncomfortable.

Two friends, Roz and Lil, growing up in an idyllic place somewhere in gorgeous Australia and having known each other since childhood, get romantically adore (1)involved with each other’s sons. Due to my obviously conservative background it was a theme that was a bit difficult for me to accept, but I was really curious to see how their friendship would survive this mess of a situation. That curiosity, the beautiful Australian summer and the lovely music is what made me watch the whole film.

Personally, I always want and try to keep an open mind. I just couldn’t relate to anything in the story. I understand that any woman in her life can meet someone who’ll be her first love, her sometimes unrequited love, her passion, her undoing even; I just can’t accept how this can be her best friend’s son!

Adore film


The_Two_Faces_of_January_film_posterLast night under a starry sky and a light breeze I went with a friend to a summer cinema to watch The Two Faces of January; and it was lovely!

Based on one of Patricia Highsmith’s novels, The Two Faces of January takes us on a tour in Greece where a wealthy 10-15-12-Actors-VIGGO-MORTENSEN-and-KIRSTEN-DUNST-during-the-filming-of-the-movieThe-Two-Faces-of-January-inside-Parthenon-at-the-Acropolis.-1125x750couple of American tourists, Mr and Mrs McFarland, get in an adventure as soon as they meet the American tourist guide Rydal in the steps of the Acropolis. A trio is formed and their adventure and destiny takes them to Crete and Istanbul. As in most Highsmith’s novels, tragedy hits. In this case it’s like a Greek tragedy. The protagonists after their own wrong doings and frauds are punished when fate steps in; the end is cathartic as it should be.

The film is atmospheric; the music is riveting; the characters are gripping and engage the spectator in their whims and vices; and all that is set in a beautiful mythical background in Greece of the 60s.

A good film with a good friend in a Greek summer night; heaven on earth!