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Chasing Mavericks

Chasing-Mavericks-posterI sometimes wonder when Hollywood says “Based on a true story” how much of it is actually true, but even if half of Chasing Mavericks is true, then it is a powerful story.

Jay Moriarity is a talented surfer who is determined to ride the big waves, the ‘monsters’, the ‘Mavericks’, that are coming to the coast of Santa Cruz. chasing mvericksComing from a broken home, with no father to support him and his disappointing mother unable to keep a job, he has to do everything from an early age; work, take care of his mother, go to school, have a social life and of course surf. He keeps a smile on his face almost all the time and has such a positive attitude when most of us would have given up and feel trapped in our tiresome routines. With the help of surf legend, good friend and father figure, Frosty, he is disciplined enough to ride these monsters in 12 weeks at the age of 16!

At the end of the film a wall is shown with a graffiti commanding us to ‘LIVE LIKE JAY‘ and I have to agree.

I liked him, I admired him, I envied him and I respected him. Find the purpose that is going to make you happy, find the person that is going to make you happy and make your own story.




Saving Mr Banks

saving Mr.Banks“This world is just an illusion, Ginty old girl”

I’m not sure if it is a true story and I don’t really care as Saving Mr. Banks is a really lovely film!

It is the story of Walt Disney the famous cinematographer and Mrs. Travers the writer of the adorable Mary Poppins character and how they came together to create the famous musical film Mary PoppinsSaving-Mr-Banks1

Mrs Travers is an eccentric lady who lives in London and has refused for 20 long years to hand the rights for Mary Poppins to Disney to turn it into a film. Because of financial issues she’s finally persuaded to travel to L.A., meet Walt Disney and decide whether to let him make it into a musical or not. Although we all know the ending to this collaboration as Mary Poppins was as successful a film as the books were, we are still intrigued to find out what is that makes Mrs Travers so unhappy and uptight. She really expects the worst from everyone and she is very difficult to please; when at the same time we see that she wants to be happy and pleased.

It is a beautiful film full of emotion and hope. Mrs Travers though peculiar in her own ways is an adorable character, she shares a moving relationship with her father who was a disappointment to her as a little girl, but whom she still loves very much.

In the end of the film I couldn’t stop singing the sweet, soft but melancholy version of chim chim cher ee



The Butler


TheButlerLast night I decided to watch The Butler, as it was a film that was a lot talked about.  A biopic of the butler that served 8 US presidents in the White House and through his life we see the historic events and developments of the American society.

In the 1920s Cecil Gaines is an 8 year old slave that works in a cotton farm, but he has a happy childhood as he is with his father and mother. When his mother is raped and his father killed, butlerhis life changed. He was taken in the “white man’s house” and trained as a “house nigger“. The skills he acquired landed him a job as a butler in the White House ; a job that he loved.  At the same time, through his son’s years of fighting and protesting we follow the history of the US regarding slavery, racism and the black man’s emancipation and equal rights. Reaching finally to the present day and the current resident of the White House.

It was a film that raises awareness and it made me realise that I take quite a few things for granted; like the  respect for  another person’s life no matter what the colour of their skin! It got me thinking of how difficult and hard it was for humanity to reach its present state, and acknowledge the obvious!

It is a very well made film; the actors are marvellous, the cast and the music is fantastic! It was an interesting and moving way to spend the evening.


the butler


The Lincoln Lawyer

lincoln lawyerI had The Lincoln Lawyer on my list of films that I had to watch and finally I decided to watch it on a lazy afternoon thinking I would doze off; but yes, it kept me awake and it was really worth my time!

Mick Haller, who moves around in a Lincoln in the streets of L.A., is a defence attorney and undertakes a LL-2611_Rseemingly simple but very lucrative case of assault. His client, Louis Roulet, is a rich kid who asked specifically for Haller to defend him. Little by little we discover that he had his reasons as everything is not as it seems. It is a case with a lot of twists and turns and afraid I might reveal too much I won’t say any more about it.

It is a great crime story. The plot is riveting; the photography of the film gives it a fantastic atmosphere; the music brings to it the appropriate beat; and every scene is worth watching because of the magnificent Mr McConaughey that was cast for this part. His talent and eternal coolness (and his lovely accent) makes this lawyer worth watching.





We ‘re the Millers

millersI was told that this film is so funny that it was worth my time, so last night I decided to watch it. I didn’t laugh very much though!millers2-aug29

There is Dave, a drug dealer who has to bring a big load of marijuana from Mexico to the U.S. and his plan to trick the security at borders was to pretend that he is in a family vacation. Problem is that he doesn’t have a family; so he got a stripper to be his wife, a stupid neighbour to be his son and a runaway teenager to be his daughter.  They go to Mexico and come back after a lot of bumps on the road.

It is a very bad example of American comedy with lots of ridiculous characters that I find stupid. It was a film I certainly didn’t appreciate as it didn’t make me laugh.



We're the Millers

Sunshine on Leith

sunshine on leithLast night I watched a film called Sunshine on Leith. It was a film I hadn’t heard anything about, but it was surprisingly cute.

Two friends, Davy and Ally, that have been released from the army after doing a term in Afghanistan return Sunshine on Leith 1home to amazing Edinburgh and especially to the area of Leith. Davy is back with his loving family that are getting ready to celebrate his parents’ 25th wedding anniversary and Ally intending to propose to his girlfriend, Davy’s sister. But not everything goes according to plan.

It is a cute musical, set in the wonderful background of the city of Edinburgh, the area of Leith, the Shore (my favourite), Calton Hill and Princes Garderns.  But as I was watching the film, there was always one question going around in my mind and the belief that it must have been really tough to make this film.

Where did they find the sunshine?! It is Edinburgh! It is raining for fun!!