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American Hustle

American Hustle“The art of survival is a story that never ends”

What a fantastic film!

The story begins when Irving meets Sydney, the love of his life, and together they start conning various people and taking their money. Unfortunately this business didn’t last long as Richard, an amy-leather-jumpsuitFBI agent, catches them and uses them to catch even bigger fish, in exchange of their freedom. But can you really con a con man?

Under the direction of David O. Russell, I found out that the actors were quite free to improvise, so their creativity adds details that makes American Hustle even more worthy a film to watch. Although the seventies was not my favourite decade, the clothes and the music improve it and make it seem increasingly attractive.

Take an interesting plot, add a charismatic director along with a bunch of extremely talented actors and the result is: American cinema at its best!


Christian Bale;Jeremy Renner;Bradley Cooper


The Counselor

thecounselor1I wanted to watch The Counselor since the first time I saw it being advertised. Then I heard mixed reviews with a lack of enthusiasm, so I finally watched it last night.

It is a film with the best actors offered by the industry and one of its greatest directors and it is counselorstill a mess of a film. It has a chaotic plot with the counselor being in a financial trouble without ever making it clear to us exactly why. His fiancee is kidnapped probably because of his troubles but nothing is asked from him and it is a bit foggy and confusing with the rest of the characters as well apart from the fact that they are all villains.

Starting off it gives the air of a smart and sleek adventure with a chic cast but it ends a very violent film with no sense or reason. It might want to show that there is a deeper meaning below the dialogues, like the dialogue the counselor has with the head of the mob, but if there is, it is confusing and meaning is lost. It also includes some of the cruelest killing scenes I ‘ve ever seen.

There is no sense or reason for watching it!



Ocho_apellidos_vascos-836127633-largeA colleague of mine trying to encourage my attempt to learn spanish, suggested I watched this comedy that has been quite a success in Spain this spring; and I found it really funny!

There is Amaia, a girl from the Basque country and Rafa a guy from Seville that fell in love with Amaia and decided to go to her village and make her come with him back to Seville. That’s the plan apellidos-vascos_EDIIMA20140327_0203_1until her estranged father appears out of nowhere. He believes that Rafa is his daughter’s long time boyfriend and future husband, who of course must be Basque, and that is how Rafa’s adventures begin, as well as a lot of confusions.

It is a funny Spanish film with lots of local colour and local humour showing how people from the Basque country feel and how Spanish people feel for each other. You can see the beauty of Spain, North and South, there is no difference for me and you just want to visit the place. It is quite funny and it is the ultimate European girl’s night-in-film; although it must have been much funnier for native speakers as I am sure a lot was lost in translation.


prometheusSince I found out Prometheus 2 is going to be released next year I decided to watch the first film to see what it is about.

In the year 2093 a team of scientists board the spaceship Prometheus on an expedition in search of humanity’s makers, based on the theories and discoveries of two archaeologists. Prometheus-prometheus-2012-film-30865799-800-533This expedition is funded by a zillionaire who is set to find the answers to the ancient questions and live forever. After two years travelling in space they finally reach their destination, a planet where these makers are lying dead. Or not quite… Like the ancient Prometheus these people set to get answers for the world and help humankind. But I couldn’t help but feel that answers we don’t get.

The film seemed quite interesting and it had potential, but when it finished something bothered me. It is just a very bad film. There was lack of imagination and inexplicable violence. This supposedly higher species who was the creator of mankind the first thing that decides to do when the last one awakes after years of sleeping is kill four short people that he sees in front of him. The alien creature that had to appear in the last scenes had to be exactly like the Alien beings in the initial 1979 Alien film. And finally something that I noticed for the first time in a film; there was absolutely no reason for Ms Theron’s part in the film. It would have been literally exactly the same film had she not been there. I started to think that she took part only to attract viewers. Such a shame. And now they want to make a second? Why?





Extra UntouchableA colleague of mine had told me that this is an excellent french film but for some reason I never got down to watching it. Last night I decided to do so and I agree; it is a lovely film.

It is about Philippe who after a terrible accident is an invalid and can’t move from his neck down. He needs someone to take care of him 24/7 and that is when Driss appears. Driss is the most unsuitable candidate for this position and perhaps this is why Philippe hires him.  Driss has never had experience or training on this line of work, but he is a lively man and that is what Philippe needs. Together they live each day to the full building little by little a beautiful friendship. untouchable_01

It is a sweet and lovely film, funny and moving and it is an interesting way to spend the evening. By the end of the film you feel that the world is a better place, especially because it is based on a true story.


gravityGravity was a film that I was told did not have much of a plot and would have been impressive only on a big screen, so when I sat down to watch it on my small screen I was sure that it wouldn’t be worth my time. I have to say that I am glad I didn’t watch it on the big screen as I am sure I would have a heart attack andgravity2 would have left in an ambulance!

All my fears kept me company while I was watching it! Fear for the unknown, vertigo, having absolutely no control over oneself, I am sure I was on the verge of panic in several scenes, holding my breath and clutching the pillow. The story isn’t really much, it is around Dr Stone who is in space trying to repair a satellite or something and everything goes really wrong! I am positive that if I was in the protagonist’s shoes (or costume) I would have made a 10 minute film as I would have died from panic before the debris got me. It is a film that I was demanding to know the ending before it ended as I couldn’t bear to worry and bite my nails like that.

Other than that it was an amazing film regarding the space scenes and conditions, the direction and the photography! Simply amazing! Despite the fact that it gave me a huge fright and I won’t watch it again, I ‘m sure it would have been really impressive on the big screen and definitely worth your time!



tranceDo you want to remember, or do you want to forget?”

For some reason I ‘ve always thought that amnesia is the medicine to great pain. Not being of course the answer to the problem as we can see from TranceTrance (1)

Simon is working for an auction company and when a painting of significance value is the next item to be auctioned, Simon is the key participant to the painting being stolen. Unluckily, after a heavy blow during the theft he is hospitalized, where they tell him that he suffers of amnesia. Some time later after he has recovered and after the master villain Franck caught him and asks for the painting, Simon goes to a hypnotist to remember where he left the painting. The beautiful hypnotist realizes that Simon is in trouble and decides to help him. And little by little everything starts unravelling and become more complicated at the same time.

Trance is a film that is quite riveting and as it unfolds you understand that not everything is as it seems. Unfortunately, I found the ending a bit confusing and unsatisfactory; I kind of had the idea that the story teller had the main character and plot in his mind, but didn’t know exactly how to end it.