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Jobs_(film)“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

The other day I watched Jobs, the biographical film about Steve Jobs, the founder of the Apple computing company. When I watch this kind of films I always wonder how much of the story is really true.

The story begins with Jobs as soon as he decided to drop out of university, showing how his interestfirst-jobs-trailer in technology started, his making of Apple Computers, his rise and fall within the company, as well as his rise again when he was called back. Throughout the film I saw a man who was unquestionably talented, very precise in what he wanted without any doubts or second thoughts, but also strict, cruel, difficult, unappreciative and, in the beginning at least, disgusting! (He really had to be asked to shower and wear shoes?)

Does being a genius justify being dirty? Does success justify being unappreciative? Some would say that there is no space for mediocrity on the road to success, so should there be for cruelty? A well made film that I will never watch again.




Maleficent-(2014)-149As a celebration of this blog’s first year birthday, I watched another fairy tale. The story of the not so well-known Maleficent, the evil witch of the famous tale of Sleeping Beauty.

The story starts with the young and pure hearted fairy girl Maleficent that lives in an enchanted forest when one day she meets and befriends a human boy, Stefan. As she grows her friendship for Stefan maleficent-2014-214turns into something more. Stefan, being greedy and ambitious, betrayed Maleficent’s trust and love in the cruelest of ways, because this way he would be made king. His betrayal turned her heart to stone and made her equally cruel and harsh. So harsh that she decided to cast a curse on Stefan’s infant daughter, to punish him. When princess Aurora turned 16 she would prick her hand and fall asleep forever, and only true love’s kiss woud wake her up.

How would we feel if someone betrayed us? Isn’t it like a mutilation? Well, the story has some twists and turns and it is a little different than the one we already know, but it is a fantastic fairy tale as well. There are monsters and fairies, an evil witch and a magic forest, an unworthy king and a cursed princess; the special effects are great and the plot is original. It is a fresh look on an old story and it is a great film for the whole family, to watch to remind us that true love really exists! Make some popcorn and enjoy!



47 Ronin

47-ronin-poster1As a child I remember my grandmother watching the very popular TV series Shogun, and I watched it with her. I was fascinated by the Japanese samurais, their armours and codes of honour. So last night I quite enjoyed watching the story of the notorious 47 Ronin.

It is the story of Asano, the Lord of the region of Ako, who was tricked by an evil witch and 47-RONIN-photo-2attacked a guest in his house. For that he had to die by committing suicide and that is when his samurais became masterless and therefore were called ronin. A year later and as the cunning guest with the help of his witch would become the Lord of Ako by marrying Asano’s daughter, the leader of the samurais, gathered the remaining ronin, determined to avenge his master’s death.

It is a story based on a well known tale of Japanese tradition and it is a story of balance; honour and injustice, love and envy, prejudice and forgiveness. A story with witches, demons, monsters, magic forests and half breeds. It is my kind of adventurous fairy tale and a great way to spend the evening.




Philomena_poster“I don’t want to hate people, it is exhausting”

Is it easy to forgive or is it hard? That was my dilemma after watching Philomena last night, but of course I couldn’t decide.

This young woman whom out of curiosity and ignorance got pregnant without being married in Ireland of the 50s, she was thrown out of her house and found refuge in a PhilomenaNursery_2701463cmonastery. There she gave birth to her son and she met other women of the same situation. She slaved her living in the convent and was allowed one hour each day with her son, when one day he was gone, forcefully taken from her. Now, 50 years later, Philomena is trying to find her long lost son. To this quest a journalist accompanies her, recording the events.

As I was watching it I couldn’t believe the cruelty, narrow mindedness, prejudice and the lies that this woman received from the nuns; and after so many years their unwillingness to help her continued. It is a very well made film and the story is compelling. Philomena is a sweet character and forgiving, a simple woman but with an open mind; unfortunately she had to deal with a very harsh reality and watching this made me feel quite sad and uncomfortable, especially because it is a true story.



TheHungerGamesCatchingFire” Remember who the real enemy is!”

Finally last night I had the chance to watch the much acclaimed second part of The Hunger Games, since I was unable to watch it at the cinema.

In the second film we see our beloved Katniss Everdeen returning unexpectedly to the next year’s Hunger Woody-Harrelson-Josh-Hutcherson-and-Jennifer-Lawrence-in-The-Hunger-Games-Catching-FireGames accompanied again by Peeta Mellark. They have to deal with equally wild challenges as in the previous Games and brutal violence, but this time there is something different. We see that President-the god-Snow feels threatened by Katniss’ impact on the people and the hope that she inspires into them. He is also a little scared, though he doesn’t show it, but he is determined to have her killed and make an example out of her at the same time. He hires whom he believes to be the best, to do that, but he doesn’t realise what is really happening around him, as the mockingjay, the rebels’ symbol, is about to fly.

As before the film is fantastic, the characters are adorable and you really feel for them and the photography is amazing. The people wrote on an abandoned building:  “The odds are never in our favour”so I can’t wait to watch the next film and find out what is going to happen!



jack-ryan-shadow-recruit-theatricalLast night we sat down to watch the newest Jack Ryan film adaptation, Tom Clancy’s main character in his famous books, the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Jack Ryan, a university student, after watching the terrible terrorist events of 9/11 decides to drop out and join the army. After almost getting killed but having saved two of his men, he is contacted by the CIA and becomes an Film Review Jack Ryanagent so that he could defend his country against terrorism. After ten years of working undercover he discovers a big economic threat from Russia which would start the second great depression in the US. So he suddenly finds himself in the field and becomes an operative.

I liked the action and the character is quite interesting, the casting is amazing, but I couldn’t help but feel that there was something missing. It could have been a fantastic film; but by the end of it I realized that it was the third film released this last year where the US was under attack or afraid of being attacked. How many more films with a young American hero saving the whole country from catastrophe can one watch? No matter how cute they are?