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Prince_of_Persia_posterYesterday afternoon I stumbled on the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and for one more time I couldn’t change the channel until it was finished.

Little Dastan is adopted by a mighty Persian king and grows up to be a Prince of Persia along Dastan-prince-of-persia-the-sands-of-time-12701805-1446-873with the king’s two sons. Many years later the king invades the great city of Alamut, as he was advised that it was dangerous and there he meets his untimely death. Suspicion fell on Dastan of the king’s violent murder, so Dastan ran away to gain time and prove his innocence. With the help of a princess of the city of Alamut, Tamina, and the magic dagger that he accidentally discovered he turns the world and time upside down to set the record straight and right the wrongs.

It is an amazing adventure including all the elements needed to make a great plot.  There is the mighty king with loving sons and brave warriors, the betrayal and the murder coming when least expected, the merchant trying to exploit everything, the hassansins, trained killers that are like death itself, and the striking princess and guardian of all sacred. We have a fascinating tale of deception, magic, curses and myths in the exotic background of the Persian desert.

I guess I was one of the few that enjoyed this film so much, and in vain waited for the sequel that never came.




MockingjayPart1Poster3I just watched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

After Katniss Everdeen destroyed the Hunger Games, she unknowingly started the revolution. People started to rebel and fight in most of the districts. Being the face of that rebellion people look up to her and expect her to lead. The opposing goverment uses her to organize the districts so that they can fight against president Snow as Hunger-Games-Mockingjay-Katnissone. Katniss reluctantly decides to help them as President Snow has captured Peeta and in his turn uses him and tortures him so that to get to Katniss and stop her.

It was amazing how many people ran into their certain death in order for a few of them to be able to bomb the Capitol. My friend commented that they should have been more organized in their attack. I think that desperate people will always end up using desperate measures. People distanced from the pain and suffering coming from tyranny probably look at the rebellion as an unorganized effort coming from unorganized revolutionaries. Truth is it is difficult to be organized when enslaved. Rebellions happen when the time is right.

Katniss is their Mockingjay, their symbol of freedom, the face of the rebellion, her song is their anthem; and I can’t wait to see the second part.


Winter’s Tale

winter taleLast night I got home, made a delicious hot cup of chocolate and sat down to watch Winter’s Tale. A film I was really curious about since I had heard the worst.

In a cold New York background we are narrated Peter Lake’s tale. Abandoned by his parents in order to save him from a deadly illness he was found by New York’s poorest and grew up in theWinters-Tale-Pearly-Russell-Crowe streets and orphanages. Until he was discovered by Pearly, a gangster-demon, who saw the potential in him to turn him into a real crook, and really drown the good in him. The story really begins after Peter has escaped Pearly, so Pearly is set to kill him. But Peter is magically saved with the help of a white horse. He then meets the love of his life, Beverly, a beautiful heiress dying of consumption who gives purpose to his life and by loving him helps him perform his miracle.

Between magical horses, stars and miracles, angels and demons and the eternal battle of good and evil we have a new fairy tale based on true and undying love. I’ ve always loved stories and films that have copied from the best and created something new. So Peter Lake reminds me of another orphan, Oliver Twist and how Oliver could be, had he grown up in New York.  The photography was beautiful, the plot was original and the atmosphere was magical. It is perfect to watch on a cold dark winter’s night.

winters tale

Last Vegas

last vegasWhen I decided to watch Last Vegas I didn’t know exactly what to expect and I was a little prejudiced against it. I guess I thought why watch a film with a bunch of old guys? So since these old guys is old Hollywood, they really know how to make a film! And I was pleasantly surprised!last-vegas

Four 70 year olds that had been friends since childhood but hadn’t seen each other for over a year, get together as one of them decides to get married. Since after a lifetime of being single he finally decided to tie the knot to a woman that could have been his daughter, in Las Vegas, his friends decided to leave their troubles behind, start a new adventure, join him and throw an amazing bachelor party.

It is a film about old age but it is also about life, how important it is and how we have to live it. Get together with people that make us happy and understand us no matter how far apart we live. It is a simple story, but it is quite fun to watch!


Last-Vegas (1)


Bride Wars

bride warsLast night I watched on TV the film Bride Wars.

Two ridiculous women, who are best friends, have been planning their weddings since their childhood. When they grew up, fate had them get engaged practically the same day and so they bridewould have to get married on the same day at the same venue, and that is how all the misunderstandings and the war began.

It is a film set in a world where nothing else matters, only weddings. Apart from that the film made me think of my best friend as it also shows two real friends. Friends, like these two, will sometimes fight and they will fight really bad; but real friends, again like these two, will make it up. Real friends always do, because real friendship, just like true love, lasts forever.

Watch it only if you have nothing better to do!