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The Monuments Men

mon menLast night I watched The Monuments Men.

It is a film about the effort that was made by a group of Americans, mainly, to recover and return pieces of art taken by the Germans in the World War II. Various sculptures and paintings from Monuments-MEn5the Renaissance and after were taken and hidden throughout Europe so that they would be retrieved again when the Fürher’s museum would be finished. Other pieces of art, mainly from modern artists were burnt and destroyed as they were not considered valuable by the Nazi regime.

It is a story that affected me greatly as it added to the more horrific acts that took place in the World War II and amazed me how after all these years I still feel shocked. But how can the horror, the cruelty and absurdity of this war get used to?.

As a film it has a very American feeling with an amazing cast that gives a light feeling to the story. It is easy to watch and if you have nothing better to do it isn’t a complete waste of time.



Labor Day

Labor_Day_PosterOn a lazy Sunday afternoon I wanted to watch something sweet and romantic. I can’t say that Labor Day is sweet but it is definitely romantic and it shows a beautiful love story.

When Frank, an escaped convict demands shelter from young Hank and his mother, little he labor-day-review-5knows that he will change the life of all three of them. Because Adele, Hank’s mother, lives alone raising her son after his father left her for another woman, battling loneliness and depression at the same time. Frank needs to lay low for a couple of days to heal his wounds and run off. While there, he is helping in the house, cooking, fixing broken walls and screeching doors; in reality he fixes more than these.

It is such a beautiful and moving film. With a quiet atmosphere that is disconcerting at the same time. You can’t but feel for the characters and their troubles. The protagonists’ chemistry is amazing and Frank is what I have in my mind as the A male; a good, decent man, taking care of things, taking responsibility of things and a little dangerous at the same time.

When it ended I felt a lump in my throat that wouldn’t go away.



The Book Thief

book thiefLast night I watched the film The Book Thief, based on the book written by Markus Zusak, and although I had heard that it was somewhat disappointing I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

It is the story of Liesel, a fatherless German girl whose mother left her with another couple as Film Review The Book Thiefshe was a communist in the Nazi Germany at the time of the World War II and was taken away. Liesel is obssessed with books and she tries to save books that are thrown away or burnt, although she can’t read. She has to learn to live with her new papa and mama who help her learn to read and this way she saves Max, the Jew that her new parents are hiding, from dying. Liesel ends up being one of the best and most popular German writers.

We see through Liesel’s eyes the cruelty of the second world war and how it was experienced by the native Germans, the simple civilians with their everyday dreams who did not share the Nazi feelings and had their lives destroyed. We admire the girl for being a survivor and learning to live her life by literally rebuilting it from the ashes.

It is a very touching drama and a sweet film that moved me greatly.


Film Review The Book Thief

In Secret

in secretLast night I watched In Secret a very dark film about the dark story of Thérèse Raquin a character created by Émile Zola.

Thérèse which is an orphan by mother is left to be raised by her dominant aunt who only has eyes for her son. Her aunt and her cousin, Camille, a boy with a fragile and sickly disposition, become her family. When she comes of age her aunt decides to marry her to Camille. After the 402364_003wedding they move to Paris as Camille decided to work and have a career and Thérèse with her aunt open a shop. In Paris Camille finds his old friend Laurent who falls in love with Thérèse and they enter a secret affair. As they can’t keep it a secret easily they decide to act…

I found it to be a dark film from any aspect but this darkness creates an atmosphere that is so eloquent and full of emotion; making us feel the sadness and depression and desperation in Thérèse’s life as well as the loneliness in all of them, Madame Raquin, Camille and naturally Thérèse; the darkness makes us notice the absence of love, laughter and joy from her life. In the scenes she is with Laurent it is the only time we see her laugh and be herself but even there she is attracted to such a passion that is mad and swallows her whole. In the night they both feel regrets, guilts and nightmares that lead them to their dark ending.

It was a really interesting film to watch with a lot of feeling and understanding of human nature and the necessary catharsis finishing this little tragedy.


Tangled-2010Last Sunday I watched a beautiful Disney film called Tangled.

It is the well known story of Rapunzel that had beautiful and really long hair and she was locked up in a castle by an evil witch. Or at least that’s how generally I remembered the story from my youth. Here we have Rapunzel that has magic hair tangled_00361568that should never be cut to hold its magic, that’s why it is so long; an evil witch had discovered that secret when Rapunzel was a baby, so she kidnapped her and locked her in a tall tower so that nobody could find her. As all secrets go, she could not have been hidden forever and in our story Flynn Rider, a young thief discovers her and they embark on an adventure together, because like all teenagers Rapunzel is keen to meet the world.

It is a fantastic cartoon and a great Disney film. I was really surprised with the songs and how inspiring and beautiful they are; the adventure is fantastic. I don’t know if I enjoyed it so much because I don’t remember the initial story, but it is a highly enjoyable film. One that is easy to watch many times over!





Tangled_Ever_After_PosterTangled Ever After is a 10 minute sequel to Tangled where we have the big wedding day when Rapunzel and Flynn get married. Maximus the horse along with Pascal the chameleon are responsible for the tangled ever afterwedding rings! Which as we all know is a huge responsibility. Especially when everything goes wrong and a new funy adventure begins for our two loveable characters of the film.