Tangled-2010Last Sunday I watched a beautiful Disney film called Tangled.

It is the well known story of Rapunzel that had beautiful and really long hair and she was locked up in a castle by an evil witch. Or at least that’s how generally I remembered the story from my youth. Here we have Rapunzel that has magic hair tangled_00361568that should never be cut to hold its magic, that’s why it is so long; an evil witch had discovered that secret when Rapunzel was a baby, so she kidnapped her and locked her in a tall tower so that nobody could find her. As all secrets go, she could not have been hidden forever and in our story Flynn Rider, a young thief discovers her and they embark on an adventure together, because like all teenagers Rapunzel is keen to meet the world.

It is a fantastic cartoon and a great Disney film. I was really surprised with the songs and how inspiring and beautiful they are; the adventure is fantastic. I don’t know if I enjoyed it so much because I don’t remember the initial story, but it is a highly enjoyable film. One that is easy to watch many times over!





Tangled_Ever_After_PosterTangled Ever After is a 10 minute sequel to Tangled where we have the big wedding day when Rapunzel and Flynn get married. Maximus the horse along with Pascal the chameleon are responsible for the tangled ever afterwedding rings! Which as we all know is a huge responsibility. Especially when everything goes wrong and a new funy adventure begins for our two loveable characters of the film.