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Gone Girl

gone-girl-posterLast night until 2:30 in the morning I was up watching Gone Girl, and unfortunately, I didn’t have a very quiet sleep after that!

It is the story of Amy and Nick, their marriage and how on the day of their fifth anniversary Nick’s wife disappeared. As Nick starts looking for his wife we feel his slightly strange attitude gone-girl-DF-01826cc_rgb.jpgas he doesn’t react in the most grievious or caring manner, keeping his secrets too. Naturally he is regarded as the primal suspect by the police about his wife’s disappearance.

As the story is full of mystery and secrets I am afraid of saying too much as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Just watch it as it is a really good film; the photography and the filmography as well as the casting are all really exceptional. But what matters most in a film is the story, which is so powerful and original that makes it worthwhile.





Rio-MOVIE-WALLPAPER-blu-from-the-computer-animated-film-rio-22924616-525-402Because of an advertisement I saw of Rio 2, I caught myself wondering about Rio 1. I decided to find out what it is about and start at the beginning. So this lazy Sunday afternoon I watched Rio.

It is the wonderful story of a rare blue macaw that was taken from his natural habitat Rio-2011-Movie-Rio-and-Lindato be displayed in an unnatural zoo. On the way there, there was an accident and he was found by a little girl, Linda, who took him under her wing and raised him as her pet. When Blu, the macaw, came of age, Linda was informed that he must reproduce and that is how Blu’s adventures really begin.

The film is so colourful and vibrant with beautiful movements and energy by the exotic birds and melodic songs that it is simply a joy to watch. Since we see Blu in Rio de Janeiro at the time of the Carnaval the only thing that I wanted to do when the film finished, was go to Brasil!



jupiter_ascending_movie_poster_2I’ve wanted to watch Jupiter Ascending since I first saw the trailer and finally last night I did. And I loved it!

It is the story of poor Jupiter Jones that is an illegal immigrant in the States and works as a cleaner along with her mother and aunt. Her life is boring and uneventful when suddenly she becomes the target of an intergalactic fight. The Abrasax family, the most powerful family in jupiter-ascending-image-eddie-redmaynethe galaxy, want to find her and kill her, and that is why they hired Cane, an alien mutant soldier. Cane though, becomes her guardian angel and helps her fight back.

It is a fantastic story of aliens; Aliens from different worlds showing higher intelligence than ours and making a statement about all the issues that I also regard as major in our lives; the insignificance of the human species and how expendable we are, the importance of time and how precious it is and of course love, because it is love. My personal favourite though and what I think is the last frontier for humans is the freedom that a pair of wings can give us. Oh, how I wish I could fly!

It is an adventure with amazing visual effects and use of the imagination that I am sure I’ ll watch again.

jupiter a


Bad Neighbours

bad neighboursYesterday afternoon I started watching Bad Neighbours and all I knew about it was that it was a newly released comedy.

The story is about a couple with their baby who has just moved into their new house and because of all these changes, the baby and the new house. they have a sort of age crisis. tumblr_n54mbhcq011rvpu8lo1_1280In the new neighbourhood a college fraternity moves next to them. The students that belong to this fraternity have the habit to party hard and loud so it is quite difficult for the couple and the baby to live next to them. So a war starts between the couple and the students.

You’ll have to forgive me but I don’t know how it ends and if it becomes any better. After watching for about 20 long minutes without hearing a whole sentence that made sense, I started feeling my brain shrink, my IQ dropping with great speed and I was literally turning stupid. I can understand how one person, the writer perhaps, can have such an idea for a script, and maybe one more person, the producer perhaps, found it a good idea and agreed to collaborate. What is beyond me is, how so many people got together, made this idea into a film and found other people that agreed to show it to us!!