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Divergent-movie-poster-4I finally watched Divergent. Another film that is based on a book trilogy and is set in a fantastic and dystopian society; and although I am a great fan of The Hunger Games (one can’t help but to compare them), I also have to say that I loved this one too.

This society is divided into 5 factions and when somebody comes of age they have to choose in which faction they want to belong. Once they choose they can never go back. Our heroine zoe kravitz divergent apBeatrice decided to join the Dauntless, a faction that is like the police, but from the tests that she did she seems to be a Divergent, meaning that she doesn’t belong to only one faction. That is something that if known could kill her. So she becomes very distrustful trying to keep her secret.

It is a film set in an imaginary future of our world, a future that seems grim, but is more like a metaphor of our society as it isn’t as far away from reality as we would like to think. Using the greater good, world peace, fear of the unknown and general safety as an excuse, people can be tamed, controlled and have limited freedom. Does that sound strange, weird, foreign?



how-to-train-your-dragon-2Last weekend, I finally watched the sequel to How to train your dragon and it was really worth watching.

We’re back at the village of Berk five years after our initial story. The people of Berk are friends with dragons; in fact they have become dragon riders, and they all live in harmony and fun. hounsou2Until Hiccup accidentally stumbles on a bunch of dragon hunters and with courage, surprises and personal loss, an evil plan is uncovered.

How to train your dragon 2 is one more film that makes me think of how much in need we are of a pair of wings; or how trapped we must feel in our modern way of living, enslaved even. Hiccup is always depended on his dragon of course, as “Men are by nature social animals” and depend on each other, but we can also see the freedom that he feels on the back of his dragon. He took one step further by “growing his own wings” and diving in the air. The music of the film is surprisingly good and the graphics are amazing.

It’s worth for the whole family to watch!