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αρχείο λήψηςLast night I watched Lucy and I love-love-loved it!

Lucy is a student who after absorbing, accidentally and by force, a huge amount of a new drug, she started to use more parts of her brain, and experience the world differently. Of course the drug-lord is after her while she comes in contact with a professor that has been studying the brain and its evolution for years.

It is a film that explores our existence, our evolution and our potentials. It was really interesting and it concludes on time being the dimension or concept with the highest importance; I couldn’t agree more. I too believe that we are far from conquering time and even if we were closer, we are still not ready to handle what power it might give us. It reminded me of The Fifth Element as a film and I later found out that Luc Besson made both of them; so if you liked The Fifth Element you will definitely like Lucy too.


Magic Mike

MagicMike_posterAs Magic Mike XXL is about to be released I just watched the first film called Magic Mike. I have to say that it is the perfect girl’s-night-in film.

Magic Mike is a sexy male stripper that is really talented at what he does, but knows that will not mmikelead him to anything more in his life. As he is saving his earnings to start his own business he helps the Kid, a young guy he meets in his morning job, and introduces him to the world of stripping and quick money.

The story is intriguing, the music is really cool and the great director of the film tells the plot in beautiful filmography and colours. We are immersed in the world of Magic Mike and we get enchanted by the multi-talented Mr Tatum who really attracts the audience and you find yourself staring in awe without being able to take your eyes off him. I can’t wait to see the new film, although I was surprised to find out they did a second one. Storywise I am curious to see what they will show as the first one really felt that it was a one part film.

Edge_of_Tomorrow_PosterOn Saturday night I wanted to watch something I had heard nothing about, so I watched The Edge of Tomorrow.
In a futuristic world where our planet is under alien attack and just one step before extinction, Major Cage, who earned his title without ever fighting, is transferred to a military camp. There, quite edge-of-tomorrow-tom-cruise-02-636-380unwillingly he will have to be at the war front. After landing in the battle front which is a trap and humans are slaughtered, he kills one of the Mimics, the aliens, and he also gets killed. The next moment he wakes up, back in time on the previous day that he went to the camp and … repeat and … repeat and … Until he decides to do something differently.
It is an interesting thriller and it has a very simple base story. It could easily become a boring film but it isn’t, on the contrary it is quite exciting. We might have a few questions that are not answered and some tricks that go unexplained but there is no need to look deeper. It is a good adventure film and fun to pass your time.

Mamma Mia!

poster_summer1_bigAs we hope for summer here in Edinburgh, outdoor films are organized in the city. It’s a lovely idea but you need to be ready for any kind of weather. So last Sunday instead of a mosquito repellent, we took a blanket with us and went to watch Mamma Mia!

It all starts with Sofia’s wedding and her decision to invite her father. The problem is she doesn’t MCDMAMI EC036know who her father is. Based on an old diary that her mother was writing the time just before she got pregnant, she decides to invite three men that all seem to be the candidates. Only Donna, Sofia’s mother has no idea they are coming to the wedding!

It is a wonderful, fun film with the amazing songs by ABBA and the magnificent background of Skopelos. You are guaranteed to have a great time and dance, like we did every time there was a song ( it was the perfect way to keep warm!) For me it is the perfect girl’s film. It puts me into summer mood as I count only two weeks left for my holidays under the Greek sun!


Grace of Monaco

Yesterday while I tried to do the ironing, I decided to watch a film so that time will pass more easily. I decided to watch a film about a princess, Grace of Monaco (I’m sure she never had to iron).

The film starts when Grace is alreday married and a mother of two children in the grace-of-monaco-img01Principality of Monaco and we see her struggle to be an example of a princess; how people perceived her, how she changed that and eventually how she saved Monaco from the threat of de Gaulle’s France.

I certainly don’t know if the story is 100% true and how much of it is poetic license and I don’t care. The story is quite intriguing based on a political incident and showing how Gracie, as her closest people call her, was transformed from an indecisive ex actress to a very confident and determined princess and saved her principality. It is a film with a great casting and it was a really good choice to pass my time while doing a stupid chore!


Love and Honor

love-and-honor-dvd-cover-91Last night, I searched through the TV programme and decided to watch Love and Honor, a romantic drama with a couple of gorgeous guys.

It is the year 1969 and two soldiers, Joiner and Mickey, that are in a one week leave from 2013_love_innerbigthe army, serving the war in Vietnam, decide to secretly fly to the US, just for a couple of days. Joiner wants to propose to his girlfriend and Mickey wants to make sure that his friend will come back. But things aren’t quite as they expected as it is the year of free love; Joiner’s girlfriend, changed her name, has turned hippie, and lives in a commune.

There is simply no reason to watch this film; unless you are a teenager and have never seen a film about Vietnam and the hippies before. Even then I’m sure you can find something else!


Rio 2

rio2Yesterday I watched the second movie with the cute blue macaw Blu, Rio 2 and it’s not a bad way to spend your evening.

In this sequel we see Blu and Jewel that have created their own family, as well as Linda and Tulio that got married and have their honeymoon in the depths of the Amazon rio-2-group-glight-600-370rainforest. Blu and Jewel decide to go and find Linda in the Amazon and they stumble on a secret colony of blue macaws, which happens to be Jewel’s wild family, that everyone thought they didn’t exist and that is how Blu’s new adventure begins.

It is also a very colourful and musical film like the first, some scenes are quite funny and I loved the rhythm. But it made me quite sad. While in the Amazon the birds were introduced to the illegal lumberjacks and we are presented with the subject of deforestation, which is still a huge problem for Brazil and consequently for the whole planet. In the film the birds decided to unite, fight against the humans and drive them away. So all’s well that ends well. I only wish it were that simple.


rio 2