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the-maze_runner_xlgLast night I watched The Maze Runner, an action film which is the first part of a trilogy, based on the novels of James Dashner.

Every month there is a boy who is sent to the Glade, an open space in the heart of the Maze. A maze+runner+trailerhuge maze that constantly changes, hides big scary creatures that are deadly and appear during the night therefore making it impossible to leave. Until Thomas arrives and things start to change.

It is an interesting action film in a dystopic future where an elite is contacting experiments to the less fortunate. Another film that shows humans return to the basics: survival. I don’t know why but these films always remind me of the stone age. Our civilization has passed the hi-techassic age and returned to the beginning only now we have robotic dinosaurs.

It’s not a bad film to pass your time and there are two more to wait for.

The Maze Runner, 2014


Man-From-Uncle-posterI’ve always loved the films that for a couple of hours would make me be fully absorbed in their story. The Man from U.N.C.L.E, a film we watched last night is like that and it is now in the list of one of my favourites.

We are in the 1960’s when the Cold War is at its peak. Napoleon Solo, an American agent of man-from-uncle-still2the CIA and Ilya Kuryakin, a KGB agent have to work together to rescue Gaby, a German girl and bring her close to her father. Gaby is the excuse for them to reach her father who is a scientist, captured by a criminal organization and ordered to create a nuclear weapon for them. Solo and Ilya have to stop them.

I love the humour in Guy Ritchie’s films; a whole discussion of grown straight dangerous men if Dior goes with Paco Rabanne! The fact that he copies from the greatest; like Hitchcock appearing suddenly in a scene in his films just for the sake of appearing, here we have an irrelevant famous person doing something completely unimportant. (Did you spot Beckam?) The clothes, the men, the scenery are all amazing and is a greatly entertaining way to spend your time.

I can’t wait for no 2!!


alexander_and_the_terrible_horrible_no_good_very_bad_day_ver2I just watched Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and it was quite fun.

Alexander’s parents, his brothers and his sister all share a very positive view of the world. So they don’t understand him when he is not lucky and has really bad days. They believe that every oneAlexander-bookstore makes their own day and he “should sail his ship with positivity”. On his birthday as he feels disappointed and misunderstood he wishes for them all to have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And all of a sudden different things start to happen…

At first I thought that it would be one of these American films with cheap, silly jokes so I watched for about 20 minutes and then turned it off. I watched the rest the next day over dinner and I am glad I did as it was actually funny. It’s not like you’re bursting with laughter but it is worth watching. Alexander is a decent kid and its touching to see him feeling loved and understood. Its great for the whole family to watch.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The Best Offer

the-best-offer-posterLast night I watched an amazing film called The Best Offer, and it was the best choice for a “mystery” night at home.

Virgil Oldman is the best auctioneer of antique art in the world. He is somewhat eccentric, he loves art and he can tell the original from the fake just by having a quick MCDBEOF EC154look at it. Miss Claire is a young lady that asks him to valuate the furniture and works of art in her house. But he can never see her as she suffers from a strange illness. As he accepts the assignment he grows more curious and makes her trust him little by little.

It is a marvellous mystery drama that its characters attract you and time flies. It is a work of art itself. As Mr Oldman says, nothing is fake, everything is original, as even the best forger cannot help themselves and will put a brush, a shade, a smidgen of colour in a copy of a painting to carry their signature, their feelings; just to show that they were there. But only a well trained eye like Mr Oldman’s can see that. Based on that, is how he chooses to finish his story.

It is a fantastic film. Just watch it at the first chance you get!


The Riot Club

The_Riot_Club_UK_posterLast Sunday I watched The Riot Club, which was an uncomfortable film to watch.

The Riot Club is a secret club that was established in the 18th century by students of the Oxford University and named after one student, Lord Riot. A man who lived his life to the fullest, seizing the day without caring for the consequences. In this mode the Riot Club continues to this day. TheRiotClubIts members consist of 10 intelligent and very rich young men. They have a formal dinner every year as a welcome to the new mebers of this club. They have these dinners in local pubs, where they literally do whatever they want.

It is a very cruel film. There were a few scenes while they were putting the new recruits through various tests to see if they are worthy of being members that really turned my stomach and I would almost turn it off. It reminded me of the Lord of the Flies and the violence that power can bring. It is really scary to think how easily someone can hurt and humiliate another human being, and get away with it or blame others. It is really scary because unfortunately it is true; these things happen in our modern civilized society every single day.

It is interesting as a film, but it is not one of those I would watch again.



PrintLast night I watched Fury, a film about WWII.

There is Don who is the captain of the crew of a tank called Fury. His men are all close to him and they have fought for a long time together. We see them just before the end of the War Logan Lermanwhere the Germans have lost but haven’t surrendered yet. So the crew of Fury are still fighting. Because one of the crew was shot in their last round, they replaced him with Norman, a young, fresh, innocent man who knows nothing of war; but he gets to learn.

This film shows the very hard, violent and ugly reality of war. When you are in a position that you have to kill someone, that someone else told you he is the enemy and you only see other people killing, without being able to get away from it, it is really ugly. I cannot imagine the desperation that Norman feels or how much Don wants to stay human. I only hope that the time will come for our world, when future historians will study war in pictures and databases and films like this, but will never know how it actually feels.


Magic in the Moonlight

magic-moonlightI finally watched Magic in the Moonlight the latest comedy by Woody Allen and it is absolutely magic. For me it is simply his best!

There is Stanley who is a famous magician that has practised any magic trick known and magic-in-the-moonlightbelieves that he has figured everything out, so he doesn’t believe in magic anymore. When his old friend and colleague Howard visits him to tell him about this psychic Sophie, that can really predict the future and come in touch with the dead, Stanley goes to the South of France to prove that she is a charlatan. And that is where he will encounter real magic!

Stanley is a very funny character and I often found myself laughing with his attitude. The film, which is so stylish, is set in a beautiful background and the way it is directed is so absorbing, it made me feel as if I was also on set. There is a time when they are in the garden and the light falls at the side of the characters but in front of us, that you feel you need to shade you eyes! I loved it! The music is great as usual and the characters are loveable.

Just watch it ! I am sure I’ll watch it again!