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spectrestandeeI wanted so much to see Spectre, the new James Bond film, and finally last night we managed to go and watch it.

Because James Bond goes after a villain in Mexico City exploding a whole building without MI6’s authorization or even knowledge, he gets suspended. But he does what he does for queen and country under secret orders. He flies around half the globe to catch the really bad guy who is the mastermind behind a secret and powerful organisation called Spectre-4-600x422Spectre.

I am tired of series or books or films that have no ending for the sole reason that they sell. Producers will do anything to make a second, third, fourth, sequel out of a story that sells. I don’t know if this James Bond has come to an end (I consider each different Bond as a different chapter and there are rumours for another one, Bond 25) but I believe he should; and they can start afresh with a new, younger actor. In this latest story the film writers combined the previous Bond films, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, to an ending that brings closure to our hero. It is a fascinating film that gives us fast cars, beautiful women, the evilest of villains and a Bond as fabulous as ever.

Although Casino Royale still remains my all time favourite, Spectre is definitely worth watching.




Unbroken_posterLast night we decided to watch Unbroken, a biographical film based on the extraordinary life of Louie Zamperini.

The film starts from how Louie was prompted to start running when he was just a teenager unbroken (1)and then was qualified to take part in the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin. In 1941 he joined the army and he was made a bombardier, but when the plane he was on stopped working and crashed in the sea, he was lost in sea for 47 days. Finally he was “rescued” by a Japanese warship and was led to a prison camp where he was tortured for more than two years.

As I was watching the film I was once more shocked at the cruelty and violence that a human can inflict on another human. I also kept thinking how fitting the title is; as nothing and nobody broke this man. Naturally he was heavily injured both physically and psychologically by the end of the war when he was eventually saved, but the fact that he died at the age of 97 from old age is close to a miracle; so yes, he was literally unbroken. An admirable human being.



The Theory of Everything

theoryofeverything1Last night I watched The Theory of Everything, a biographical film based on the personal life of Stephen Hawking, the famous theoretical physicist and cosmologist.


Based on his first wife’s memoirs, The Theory of Everything starts in the early 1960s when Hawking was still studying in Oxford. It is here that he meets his first wife Jane and the first symptoms of his deteriorating disease appeared.

It is a beautiful film, with lovely photography and the protagonists are really fantastic in their roles. We see how difficult everyday life can be even for a genius. The story is anyway intriguing as we want to find out how this great man with this scary disease spends his time at home and how he developed and became who he is today; the Einstein of our time, although I think he is passed being compared to anyone else anymore.


Into the Woods

Into-The-Woods_3142052cLast night, I watched a fairy tale/musical that I wanted to watch for some time now and I was really excited about it: Into the woods.

It is a combination of various famous fairy tales by the Grimm brothers, like Little hr_into_the_woods_11Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Jack and the magic beans, Cinderella etc. The main characters find themselves in the woods for different reasons, they meet and their stories intertwine; and in the end, they finish most unexpectedly.

Because we already know the plot of these stories and their characters it felt like meeting old friends in new adventures. I liked the fact that they joke with the princes and the princesses; Cinderella is showing doubts regarding the prince and the baker’s wife gets confused in the story. The photography and the mood in the woods is amazing and the casting is so talented that, it is a joy to look at. If only the music was just… better. Not one melody stuck into my head for me to hum this morning, not one song made me love this film.

I would say to watch it once, but I doubt you will want to watch it twice.