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A Christmas Carol

A_Christmas_CarolNow that Christmas is here what a better film to pass the evening with than A Christmas Carol?

It is the story of Ebener Scrooge, the most stingy old man on earth who hates Christmas. Since his business partner died he is is all by himself and keeps away his only family relative, his nephew. On Christmas Eve as he goes to bed 3 spirits visit him, the ghost of Christmas past, the spirit of Chrismas present and the of Chrismas future. And although they scare the life out of him, he gets a valuable lesson.a_christmas_carol_2009_18

It is a beautiful adaptation of Dicken’s famous story. Scrooge is the kind of character that you immediately dislike, then you feel sorry for and in the end he warms up to you. The casting is fantastic, the scenery is cold and christmassy, the story is sad and moving, but the ending leaves you with a warmth in your heart. As all good stories should.

It is the perfect film to watch on Christmas time!




LastCinderella_2015_official_poster night I prepared a hot chocolate and sat down to watch the latest version of Cinderella and it was just beautiful!

It is the classic story of Cinderella, who is treated Cinderella-2015-Stills-Download-Wallpapers
like a servant from her evil stepmother and jealous stepsisters but ends marrying the prince.

What I really liked is that it was the original story simply told. Not full of songs or strange twists and surprises; just the original fairy tale. With beautiful colors, a fairy tale-like scenery and an amazing casting that makes it irresistible to watch again and again. The prince is Rob Stark after all!

Although Ever After remains my favorite version of Cinderella, this is also a film where you should gather your little daughters and nieces around you, prepare more hot chocolate and enjoy!



Last night I watched Focus, an adventure/drama/comedy about con artists.

Nicky is a con man of the highest calibre. He has a whole network of criminals, thieves and con artists that work for him and with him. When one night Jess lands on his table trying to con him, a new partnership is formed.

Watching films like these is always a relaxing way of passing the time. It is a fast pacing film with great photography, quick dialogues and even quicker action (especially when they all work together like the scene in the street). My mistake was that I tried so hard to be focused, as the title goes, not to miss anything and foresee any trick that in the end I wasn’t so surprised. Not that I was able to really guess how it would end.

It didn’t become my favourite film, but it is a film that doesn’t make you think so it is just fine for a relaxing Saturday night.

mockingjaypostersmall_0Last night I finally managed to go and watch the last part of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Because all good things must come to an end.

Katniss Everdeen, the Mockingjay, is continuing The-Hunger-Games-Mockingjay-Part-2-8her fight against the Capitol and with the help of her friends she manages to enter it. But President Snow has converted the Capitol in another arena for the Hunger Games. Katniss has to be crowned victor once more to be finally victorious. But will she?

There isn’t much left to say about this famous trilogy.It is the unavoidable ending to a great series of books and films. I felt a little sad while watching it and I don’t know if I would prefer a different ending. Sometimes you don’t want some things to end although you know that nothing can go on forever.