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Last night I watched Exodus: Gods and Kings file_600598_exodus-poster, a film based on the biblical story of Moses.

The story starts when Moses is already a grown man and shows his life in the palace as a general and royalty. When an incident happens and he meets the Hebrew elders that tell him his story and who his true descendants are.

It is a very interesting approach to the famous biblical story. exodus-gods-kings-castWe realise how Moses was a very well educated man with great military skills, that was suitable to be used as a leader to the Hebrews, help them escape and lead them to Canaan. It also shows how strange and tragic it must have felt for the cousin-brother figures, both Ramses and Moses, to find out suddenly that not only they are not related but in the normal circumstances they would hate and try to kill each other. Brotherly love can become complicated.

It is a quite interesting film to watch.



Second_Best_posterLast night I watched The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. After the first film, for some reason, I thought I would be disappointed. Luckily I was wrong and it was really a joy.

We see the same characters as they are happily settled in their exotic habitat and continue with their new lives. pg-28-oldie-filmsSonny is trying to find investors so that he will expand to the Second Best Exotic … and at the same time prepare for his wedding. After some coming and going and various funny events there is a happy ending for everyone.

Thanks to the amazing casting of this film, it makes it worth our while. They can be really funny without even speaking. The beautiful and vibrant pictures of India make you feel like you are travelling there and it makes you wish you were there.

It is worth watching and it is going to make for a relaxing evening.



Cake_posterLast night I watched Cake, a drama.

Claire is a woman in grief and recuperation. She had a terrible accident that left her deal with her pain with pills and alcohol and without much want of life. 6a014e5fd5052c970c01b7c762355b970b

Luckily she is rich so she can pay for a woman to come and clean and cook and take care of her and she doesn’t need to work. I can understand her anger, her pain and her tragic loss but there have been harder and more tragic tales than this.


Kingsman_The_Secret_Service_posterThe year started really well moviewise as I finally watched Kingsman: the Secret Service. This was a film that I had heard nothing about but as soon as it was released eveyone talked about it and how good it was. Naturally I wanted to watch it.

Kingsman is a secret independent international organisationKingsman-Secret-Service-Group
founded by the rich aristocrats of Europe that wanted to do good in the big unfair world. Since the aristocrats were not as brave as they used to be they needed to recruit more common people, and here is wheren Eggsy comes in. A brilliant kid that wasn’t raised with silver spoons and whose life had started sinking deeper and deeper into the gutter after his father’s death, who had died for the Secret Service.

It is a witty and fast paced spy film with style which reminded me of old Bond films with more humour. I loved the villain, his plan, the dress style in the film; it has a lot of twists and turns and I hope there will be a sequel soon enough. I will definitely watch it again as it is great fun.

Kingsman-The-Secret-Service1-645x370 (1)