last-knights.35329“Honour is something all men are born with. It cannot be taken, nor can it be granted, it can only be lost. “

I just finished waching Last Knights, a historical action adventure exactly like the ones I like.

When Lord Bartok refuses to bribe the New Minister Geza Mott last-nights-3and attacks him, the minister convinces the Emperor to execute Bartok. After the execution, Mott is afraid for his life, certain that Commander Raiden will come after him. Under the Emperor’s orders he cannot kill him, so he has him followed day and night. But Raiden has lost his rank, his honour and his will to live, let alone revenge…

It is a great adventure film set in an utopistic kingdom with no race differences. Any one is equal as a lord or peasant or soldier no matter their colour or race. In such ancient times without the help of technologic gadgets the planning and organizing of the Bartok’s people is admirable. I loved the photography, the settings and costumes in the film. And I also loved the main character in the film; Raiden is a man of such honour, something that is practically extinct.