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entpostnewLast night I watched the film Entourage and I have to say it is highly entertaining.

We see the process of making a movie from a marketing point of view and not the actual making, and an inside view of
how people live in Hollywood. Vince Chase is entourage-beerthe film star and because he has close friends and family working with him the press call them his entourage.

It seems to show us a glimpse of Hollywood’s life from the inside as many times they occasionally met various stars on the street or in a restaurant or at the therapist. I really enjoyed the balance of hysteria and stress; Ari Gold that is trying to find funding for the film being always stressed and angry, while Vince that is spending the money is as cool as a cat. I have never watched the series which was very popular, but the film is quite funny at times and highly entertaining.


Magic Mike XXL

220px-Magic_mike_xxlLast night I watched the much awaited Magic Mike XXL and I was disappointed.

Here we see Magic Mike although he has started the business company he so much wanted, he returns to the group of his co-male – entertainers for one last show as he missed the fun. So
the film shows them going on a road trip stopping at various 50538_pplplaces where they have various scenes meeting women. Finally they reach their destination and have their last show.

It is a boring film with boring scenes and dialogues. In the first┬áMagic Mike film there was a plot along with the stripping showing (or at least you got the impression that it showed) the true life of a male stripper and Mike’s story. In this second film there was no plot and I had the impression that it was filmed just for showing off their gorgeous bodies. Unfortunately that is not enough.