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Spy2015_TeaserPosterLast night I watched Spy a comedy/parody of spy thrillers and James Bond movies.

Susan Cooper is a CIA agent who has never been out on a mission. She has always been the eyes and ears of her colleague and loveSpy-movie-review-melissa-mccarthy-jude-law
interest agent Fine. When Fine is killed in action and a lot of field agents have been compromised, she decides to leave her desk, catch the villain and avenge her colleague’s death.

It is a parody of spy films that takes us around the globe and it is quite funny. I have always loved films that show us action in various famous locations and aren’t only in a studio. Susan is a funny spy as her general appearance is very far from what we are used to seeing in spies and spy heroines; it is also her asset as the villain doesn’t see her coming. It is a well made film that is quite enjoyable to watch.




American Ultra

American_Ultra_posterLast night as I turned on the TV there was American Ultra on, so more out of boredom than interest I watched it.

Mike is a young guy that works in a third rate cash n carry and he is very much in love with Phoebe, his girlfriend. He seems to lead a pretty uneventful life when all of a sudden two guys come
american-ultra-gogg to kill him. He manages to kill them professionally and swiftly using as a weapon only a spoon! And he can’t explain why. When CIA agent Lasseter appears things become a bit clearer.

It’s a fast paced action film/comedy/parody that it’s quite easy to watch and since the title doesn’t give much away I didn’t know what to expect; which was an interesting surprise. I’ll probably never watch it again, but it is not so bad to watch once.



MV5BMTUyMTE0ODcxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODE4NDQzNTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_I finally watched Mad Max Fury Road more out of curiosity than interest as I know my interests are quite different than these kinds of films.

In a futuristic society where the whole world has been destroyed, there is hardly any water and very few societies have survived. The person that keeps the water has all the power. In such a world, maxresdefaultcraziness, violence and hunger prevail, and all that can lead to
dangerous behaviour. Here we see Furiosa trying to save 5 young girls from a cruel master and Mad Max unwillingly joined them.

As I said earlier it didn’t have much to interest me. I knew that Mad Max was a series of films released in the 80s with Mel Gibson. I don’t understand the point of resurrecting them. I don’t understand all this craziness, violence, fury and nonsense that is set in the future. What difference does it make and why is it interesting? Where is the creativity and inspiration in all of this? If you want to show the futility of life, the craziness, violence, fury and nonsense you don’t need to imagine it in the future; have a look at the present.

maxresdefault (1)

Seventh Son

SS-A1S-IMAX-31-DECLast night I was lured to watch Seventh Son because of the great casting. This clearly sometimes should not be a reason to watch a film.

The film starts with young Gregory imprisoning something in a remote place. As we reach today and Gregory, a Spook that hunts monsters and has grown old, the thing, a dragon, escapes. seventh-son-004-1500x1000 After Gregory’s apprentice got killed by that dragon he needs to find another apprentice, who has to be the Seventh son of a seventh son to be strong enough. He finds Tom Ward and has to train him until the next full moon. Meanwhile the dragon, which in reality is Mother Malkin, a powerful witch, gains more strength and by the next full moon she will be ready, unbeatable and impossible to capture.

I am a fan of tales of fantasy, of dragons and wizards; but films like these cannot base their success on the costumes, the scenery and the great casting. They need to have a really good plot to take them off and turn them really good films for us to watch. Unfortunately Seventh Son is somewhat lacking in that.


Last Knights

last-knights.35329“Honour is something all men are born with. It cannot be taken, nor can it be granted, it can only be lost. “

I just finished waching Last Knights, a historical action adventure exactly like the ones I like.

When Lord Bartok refuses to bribe the New Minister Geza Mott last-nights-3and attacks him, the minister convinces the Emperor to execute Bartok. After the execution, Mott is afraid for his life, certain that Commander Raiden will come after him. Under the Emperor’s orders he cannot kill him, so he has him followed day and night. But Raiden has lost his rank, his honour and his will to live, let alone revenge…

It is a great adventure film set in an utopistic kingdom with no race differences. Any one is equal as a lord or peasant or soldier no matter their colour or race. In such ancient times without the help of technologic gadgets the planning and organizing of the Bartok’s people is admirable. I loved the photography, the settings and costumes in the film. And I also loved the main character in the film; Raiden is a man of such honour, something that is practically extinct.


Last night I watched Exodus: Gods and Kings file_600598_exodus-poster, a film based on the biblical story of Moses.

The story starts when Moses is already a grown man and shows his life in the palace as a general and royalty. When an incident happens and he meets the Hebrew elders that tell him his story and who his true descendants are.

It is a very interesting approach to the famous biblical story. exodus-gods-kings-castWe realise how Moses was a very well educated man with great military skills, that was suitable to be used as a leader to the Hebrews, help them escape and lead them to Canaan. It also shows how strange and tragic it must have felt for the cousin-brother figures, both Ramses and Moses, to find out suddenly that not only they are not related but in the normal circumstances they would hate and try to kill each other. Brotherly love can become complicated.

It is a quite interesting film to watch.


Kingsman_The_Secret_Service_posterThe year started really well moviewise as I finally watched Kingsman: the Secret Service. This was a film that I had heard nothing about but as soon as it was released eveyone talked about it and how good it was. Naturally I wanted to watch it.

Kingsman is a secret independent international organisationKingsman-Secret-Service-Group
founded by the rich aristocrats of Europe that wanted to do good in the big unfair world. Since the aristocrats were not as brave as they used to be they needed to recruit more common people, and here is wheren Eggsy comes in. A brilliant kid that wasn’t raised with silver spoons and whose life had started sinking deeper and deeper into the gutter after his father’s death, who had died for the Secret Service.

It is a witty and fast paced spy film with style which reminded me of old Bond films with more humour. I loved the villain, his plan, the dress style in the film; it has a lot of twists and turns and I hope there will be a sequel soon enough. I will definitely watch it again as it is great fun.

Kingsman-The-Secret-Service1-645x370 (1)



Last night I watched Focus, an adventure/drama/comedy about con artists.

Nicky is a con man of the highest calibre. He has a whole network of criminals, thieves and con artists that work for him and with him. When one night Jess lands on his table trying to con him, a new partnership is formed.

Watching films like these is always a relaxing way of passing the time. It is a fast pacing film with great photography, quick dialogues and even quicker action (especially when they all work together like the scene in the street). My mistake was that I tried so hard to be focused, as the title goes, not to miss anything and foresee any trick that in the end I wasn’t so surprised. Not that I was able to really guess how it would end.

It didn’t become my favourite film, but it is a film that doesn’t make you think so it is just fine for a relaxing Saturday night.

mockingjaypostersmall_0Last night I finally managed to go and watch the last part of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Because all good things must come to an end.

Katniss Everdeen, the Mockingjay, is continuing The-Hunger-Games-Mockingjay-Part-2-8her fight against the Capitol and with the help of her friends she manages to enter it. But President Snow has converted the Capitol in another arena for the Hunger Games. Katniss has to be crowned victor once more to be finally victorious. But will she?

There isn’t much left to say about this famous trilogy.It is the unavoidable ending to a great series of books and films. I felt a little sad while watching it and I don’t know if I would prefer a different ending. Sometimes you don’t want some things to end although you know that nothing can go on forever.




spectrestandeeI wanted so much to see Spectre, the new James Bond film, and finally last night we managed to go and watch it.

Because James Bond goes after a villain in Mexico City exploding a whole building without MI6’s authorization or even knowledge, he gets suspended. But he does what he does for queen and country under secret orders. He flies around half the globe to catch the really bad guy who is the mastermind behind a secret and powerful organisation called Spectre-4-600x422Spectre.

I am tired of series or books or films that have no ending for the sole reason that they sell. Producers will do anything to make a second, third, fourth, sequel out of a story that sells. I don’t know if this James Bond has come to an end (I consider each different Bond as a different chapter and there are rumours for another one, Bond 25) but I believe he should; and they can start afresh with a new, younger actor. In this latest story the film writers combined the previous Bond films, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, to an ending that brings closure to our hero. It is a fascinating film that gives us fast cars, beautiful women, the evilest of villains and a Bond as fabulous as ever.

Although Casino Royale still remains my all time favourite, Spectre is definitely worth watching.