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MV5BMjMzMzM2NTM2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTk4OTYwOQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_On a lazy Saturday afternoon I watched a Japanese cartoon with the title From Up on Poppy Hill or as the original title goes Kokuriko-zaka karafrom_up_on_poppy_hill_tatin_arts_hall_by_maximusnights-d6s88ae

It is the story of two school friends who become close as they try to save the old building where their clubhouse is in their area and fall in love at the same time. But there is a secret that has to keep them apart.

I hadn’t watched a Japanese cartoon in some time and I had forgotten how much I enjoy them. I like how calm they can be. The story is not bad and it was a really nice film to relax with on a Saturday.



Rio 2

rio2Yesterday I watched the second movie with the cute blue macaw Blu, Rio 2 and it’s not a bad way to spend your evening.

In this sequel we see Blu and Jewel that have created their own family, as well as Linda and Tulio that got married and have their honeymoon in the depths of the Amazon rio-2-group-glight-600-370rainforest. Blu and Jewel decide to go and find Linda in the Amazon and they stumble on a secret colony of blue macaws, which happens to be Jewel’s wild family, that everyone thought they didn’t exist and that is how Blu’s new adventure begins.

It is also a very colourful and musical film like the first, some scenes are quite funny and I loved the rhythm. But it made me quite sad. While in the Amazon the birds were introduced to the illegal lumberjacks and we are presented with the subject of deforestation, which is still a huge problem for Brazil and consequently for the whole planet. In the film the birds decided to unite, fight against the humans and drive them away. So all’s well that ends well. I only wish it were that simple.


rio 2

how-to-train-your-dragon-2Last weekend, I finally watched the sequel to How to train your dragon and it was really worth watching.

We’re back at the village of Berk five years after our initial story. The people of Berk are friends with dragons; in fact they have become dragon riders, and they all live in harmony and fun. hounsou2Until Hiccup accidentally stumbles on a bunch of dragon hunters and with courage, surprises and personal loss, an evil plan is uncovered.

How to train your dragon 2 is one more film that makes me think of how much in need we are of a pair of wings; or how trapped we must feel in our modern way of living, enslaved even. Hiccup is always depended on his dragon of course, as “Men are by nature social animals” and depend on each other, but we can also see the freedom that he feels on the back of his dragon. He took one step further by “growing his own wings” and diving in the air. The music of the film is surprisingly good and the graphics are amazing.

It’s worth for the whole family to watch!




Rio-MOVIE-WALLPAPER-blu-from-the-computer-animated-film-rio-22924616-525-402Because of an advertisement I saw of Rio 2, I caught myself wondering about Rio 1. I decided to find out what it is about and start at the beginning. So this lazy Sunday afternoon I watched Rio.

It is the wonderful story of a rare blue macaw that was taken from his natural habitat Rio-2011-Movie-Rio-and-Lindato be displayed in an unnatural zoo. On the way there, there was an accident and he was found by a little girl, Linda, who took him under her wing and raised him as her pet. When Blu, the macaw, came of age, Linda was informed that he must reproduce and that is how Blu’s adventures really begin.

The film is so colourful and vibrant with beautiful movements and energy by the exotic birds and melodic songs that it is simply a joy to watch. Since we see Blu in Rio de Janeiro at the time of the Carnaval the only thing that I wanted to do when the film finished, was go to Brasil!



Tangled-2010Last Sunday I watched a beautiful Disney film called Tangled.

It is the well known story of Rapunzel that had beautiful and really long hair and she was locked up in a castle by an evil witch. Or at least that’s how generally I remembered the story from my youth. Here we have Rapunzel that has magic hair tangled_00361568that should never be cut to hold its magic, that’s why it is so long; an evil witch had discovered that secret when Rapunzel was a baby, so she kidnapped her and locked her in a tall tower so that nobody could find her. As all secrets go, she could not have been hidden forever and in our story Flynn Rider, a young thief discovers her and they embark on an adventure together, because like all teenagers Rapunzel is keen to meet the world.

It is a fantastic cartoon and a great Disney film. I was really surprised with the songs and how inspiring and beautiful they are; the adventure is fantastic. I don’t know if I enjoyed it so much because I don’t remember the initial story, but it is a highly enjoyable film. One that is easy to watch many times over!





Tangled_Ever_After_PosterTangled Ever After is a 10 minute sequel to Tangled where we have the big wedding day when Rapunzel and Flynn get married. Maximus the horse along with Pascal the chameleon are responsible for the tangled ever afterwedding rings! Which as we all know is a huge responsibility. Especially when everything goes wrong and a new funy adventure begins for our two loveable characters of the film.

Frozen-movie-posterI must be one of the few that hadn’t watched the famous musical Frozen, so it was the first film of 2015 that I decided to watch, and it was lovely.

Elsa and Anna are two sisters that used to be very close while they were little. But Elsa has magical powers that Anna doesn’t, so Elsa has to protect Anna and she does what she thinks is best after her parents’ request, by shutting herself off from her beloved sister. Of course when secrets are revealed adventures begin.Frozen_C

The love between siblings is something incomparable. The protection that the older siblings feel for the younger and the admiration that the younger siblings feel for the older as well as the special bond that only they share is something unique. At the same time they both want and will live their own lives, like Elsa that wants to finally feel free and test her powers, and Anna who wants to make her own family. Still, no matter how many years pass no one else, be it a good friend, partner or parent, can realise what they share or be part of this bond.

The music is beautiful and Disney’s films are getting better and better. So get your closest people closer and get down to watch it again and again!



Brave-2012-1-While I was at the gym the other day I decided to watch Brave. It is the story of Merida the teenage princess of a Scottish king who has passed her young life instructed by her mother how to be a proper princess when all she really wants to do is run free in the forests and shoot arrows.

It is a beautifully made cartoon by Disney, with beautiful scottish music and interesting characters but I felt it to be more like a study on how to treat teenage girls. Brave is not just about the feisty princess that was brave enough to fight the giant bear, but for every mother and daughter that were brave enough to pass through puberty and keep their relationship intact.

I really believe that every mother with a daughter should watch this, especially a mother with a daughter that enters puberty.


Merida and Elinor


Epic Quad

Last night after a quiet day I wanted to watch something light. Epic is what I chose to watch.

It is an animated film about a lonely girl, M.K., who isn’t very close to her father but comes to live with him after her mother died. Her father is obsessed with the forest and unwittingly she is caught in its magic. After the queen of the forest died she has to save it from darkness and rot. She will do that of course with the help of the magical snail and slug and the Leafmen, who are the army of the forest.

No one is alone is what the Leafmen say and that is what I tried to remember from that film. It is magical and colourful and nice and sometimes funny (though not enough). Unfortunately it didn’t become one of my favourites.

How to train your dragon

How_to_Train_Your_Dragon_PosterThis is Berk…other places have ponies and parrots… we have dragons! 

Being in a festive mood since it is the middle of the Christmas holidays I wanted to watch something to make me feel like a child again. So what better than an animation film.

Though I am sure that watching How to train your dragon on a 3D screen would have been impressive it was surely fun to watch it on a small screen anyway. Showing us Hiccup, a How to Train Your Dragon movie imagecharacter that is different than the rest of the village, a Viking who refuses to kill dragons, he is a misfit who in the end succeeds to surprise and surpass everybody and of course be accepted. It shows that the next generation though quite close to the traditions, is the one that will bring change and revolution and the way to the future. Choosing an ancient tribe like the Vikings who suffer from ‘stubborness issues’ to show that they can also accept a good thing when they see one, the conclusion of the story is that fairly anyone can keep an open mind.

It was real fun and instructive at the same time and a great favourite of the kids. So much so that How to train your dragon 2 is coming out in 2014!