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Spy2015_TeaserPosterLast night I watched Spy a comedy/parody of spy thrillers and James Bond movies.

Susan Cooper is a CIA agent who has never been out on a mission. She has always been the eyes and ears of her colleague and loveSpy-movie-review-melissa-mccarthy-jude-law
interest agent Fine. When Fine is killed in action and a lot of field agents have been compromised, she decides to leave her desk, catch the villain and avenge her colleague’s death.

It is a parody of spy films that takes us around the globe and it is quite funny. I have always loved films that show us action in various famous locations and aren’t only in a studio. Susan is a funny spy as her general appearance is very far from what we are used to seeing in spies and spy heroines; it is also her asset as the villain doesn’t see her coming. It is a well made film that is quite enjoyable to watch.




American Ultra

American_Ultra_posterLast night as I turned on the TV there was American Ultra on, so more out of boredom than interest I watched it.

Mike is a young guy that works in a third rate cash n carry and he is very much in love with Phoebe, his girlfriend. He seems to lead a pretty uneventful life when all of a sudden two guys come
american-ultra-gogg to kill him. He manages to kill them professionally and swiftly using as a weapon only a spoon! And he can’t explain why. When CIA agent Lasseter appears things become a bit clearer.

It’s a fast paced action film/comedy/parody that it’s quite easy to watch and since the title doesn’t give much away I didn’t know what to expect; which was an interesting surprise. I’ll probably never watch it again, but it is not so bad to watch once.



Kingsman_The_Secret_Service_posterThe year started really well moviewise as I finally watched Kingsman: the Secret Service. This was a film that I had heard nothing about but as soon as it was released eveyone talked about it and how good it was. Naturally I wanted to watch it.

Kingsman is a secret independent international organisationKingsman-Secret-Service-Group
founded by the rich aristocrats of Europe that wanted to do good in the big unfair world. Since the aristocrats were not as brave as they used to be they needed to recruit more common people, and here is wheren Eggsy comes in. A brilliant kid that wasn’t raised with silver spoons and whose life had started sinking deeper and deeper into the gutter after his father’s death, who had died for the Secret Service.

It is a witty and fast paced spy film with style which reminded me of old Bond films with more humour. I loved the villain, his plan, the dress style in the film; it has a lot of twists and turns and I hope there will be a sequel soon enough. I will definitely watch it again as it is great fun.

Kingsman-The-Secret-Service1-645x370 (1)



spectrestandeeI wanted so much to see Spectre, the new James Bond film, and finally last night we managed to go and watch it.

Because James Bond goes after a villain in Mexico City exploding a whole building without MI6’s authorization or even knowledge, he gets suspended. But he does what he does for queen and country under secret orders. He flies around half the globe to catch the really bad guy who is the mastermind behind a secret and powerful organisation called Spectre-4-600x422Spectre.

I am tired of series or books or films that have no ending for the sole reason that they sell. Producers will do anything to make a second, third, fourth, sequel out of a story that sells. I don’t know if this James Bond has come to an end (I consider each different Bond as a different chapter and there are rumours for another one, Bond 25) but I believe he should; and they can start afresh with a new, younger actor. In this latest story the film writers combined the previous Bond films, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, to an ending that brings closure to our hero. It is a fascinating film that gives us fast cars, beautiful women, the evilest of villains and a Bond as fabulous as ever.

Although Casino Royale still remains my all time favourite, Spectre is definitely worth watching.


Irrational Man

Irrational_Man_(film)_posterLast night we went to the cinema and watched the Irrational Man, the most recent Woody Allen film.

It is a drama/comedy where Abe is the new philosophy college professor whose reputation precedes him. He is the hot subject of conversation between the students and the faculty. Jill screen-shot-2015-04-30-at-11.02.30-amtoo, can’t wait to meet him and take his class. After attending his classes Jill and Abe start to talk and hang out together. Until one day they overhear a lady complaining about a judge and how his decision would affect her and her children, and an idea forms in Abe’s head to take matters in his own hands…

It is an interesting film that again examines how much of our lives is chance and how much is based on planned decisions. We need to make decisions every day about a million different things and then deal with chance meetings and other random decisions; what we’ll have for lunch, where we will spend our honeymoon or what gift we will get from the amusement park when we manage to shoot the target. These small decisions affect our lives more than we can imagine and set in motion various other incidents. And this happens every single day!


The Best Offer

the-best-offer-posterLast night I watched an amazing film called The Best Offer, and it was the best choice for a “mystery” night at home.

Virgil Oldman is the best auctioneer of antique art in the world. He is somewhat eccentric, he loves art and he can tell the original from the fake just by having a quick MCDBEOF EC154look at it. Miss Claire is a young lady that asks him to valuate the furniture and works of art in her house. But he can never see her as she suffers from a strange illness. As he accepts the assignment he grows more curious and makes her trust him little by little.

It is a marvellous mystery drama that its characters attract you and time flies. It is a work of art itself. As Mr Oldman says, nothing is fake, everything is original, as even the best forger cannot help themselves and will put a brush, a shade, a smidgen of colour in a copy of a painting to carry their signature, their feelings; just to show that they were there. But only a well trained eye like Mr Oldman’s can see that. Based on that, is how he chooses to finish his story.

It is a fantastic film. Just watch it at the first chance you get!


Gone Girl

gone-girl-posterLast night until 2:30 in the morning I was up watching Gone Girl, and unfortunately, I didn’t have a very quiet sleep after that!

It is the story of Amy and Nick, their marriage and how on the day of their fifth anniversary Nick’s wife disappeared. As Nick starts looking for his wife we feel his slightly strange attitude gone-girl-DF-01826cc_rgb.jpgas he doesn’t react in the most grievious or caring manner, keeping his secrets too. Naturally he is regarded as the primal suspect by the police about his wife’s disappearance.

As the story is full of mystery and secrets I am afraid of saying too much as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Just watch it as it is a really good film; the photography and the filmography as well as the casting are all really exceptional. But what matters most in a film is the story, which is so powerful and original that makes it worthwhile.



jack-ryan-shadow-recruit-theatricalLast night we sat down to watch the newest Jack Ryan film adaptation, Tom Clancy’s main character in his famous books, the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Jack Ryan, a university student, after watching the terrible terrorist events of 9/11 decides to drop out and join the army. After almost getting killed but having saved two of his men, he is contacted by the CIA and becomes an Film Review Jack Ryanagent so that he could defend his country against terrorism. After ten years of working undercover he discovers a big economic threat from Russia which would start the second great depression in the US. So he suddenly finds himself in the field and becomes an operative.

I liked the action and the character is quite interesting, the casting is amazing, but I couldn’t help but feel that there was something missing. It could have been a fantastic film; but by the end of it I realized that it was the third film released this last year where the US was under attack or afraid of being attacked. How many more films with a young American hero saving the whole country from catastrophe can one watch? No matter how cute they are?



American Hustle

American Hustle“The art of survival is a story that never ends”

What a fantastic film!

The story begins when Irving meets Sydney, the love of his life, and together they start conning various people and taking their money. Unfortunately this business didn’t last long as Richard, an amy-leather-jumpsuitFBI agent, catches them and uses them to catch even bigger fish, in exchange of their freedom. But can you really con a con man?

Under the direction of David O. Russell, I found out that the actors were quite free to improvise, so their creativity adds details that makes American Hustle even more worthy a film to watch. Although the seventies was not my favourite decade, the clothes and the music improve it and make it seem increasingly attractive.

Take an interesting plot, add a charismatic director along with a bunch of extremely talented actors and the result is: American cinema at its best!


Christian Bale;Jeremy Renner;Bradley Cooper

The Counselor

thecounselor1I wanted to watch The Counselor since the first time I saw it being advertised. Then I heard mixed reviews with a lack of enthusiasm, so I finally watched it last night.

It is a film with the best actors offered by the industry and one of its greatest directors and it is counselorstill a mess of a film. It has a chaotic plot with the counselor being in a financial trouble without ever making it clear to us exactly why. His fiancee is kidnapped probably because of his troubles but nothing is asked from him and it is a bit foggy and confusing with the rest of the characters as well apart from the fact that they are all villains.

Starting off it gives the air of a smart and sleek adventure with a chic cast but it ends a very violent film with no sense or reason. It might want to show that there is a deeper meaning below the dialogues, like the dialogue the counselor has with the head of the mob, but if there is, it is confusing and meaning is lost. It also includes some of the cruelest killing scenes I ‘ve ever seen.

There is no sense or reason for watching it!