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The Great Gatsby

The-Great-Gatsby-Movie-2013When The Great Gatsby by Baz Lurhmann was advertised to be released I was thrilled and determined to go and watch it. But having chosen Steinbeck over Fitzgerald at university I am ashamed to admit that I had never read the book. I decided to read the book first and afterwards watch the film. So now three years later I have to say that both book and film are perfect! THE GREAT GATSBY

Gatsby is this handsome, mysterious and very rich young man who has suddenly appeared in the social life of the 20s New York and is a neighhbour to Nick whose cousin is Daisy that happens to be Gatsby’s first and only love. Gatsby throws extravagant parties where everybody who is somebody wants to go to and waits for the day that Daisy will enter his door. Daisy that is unhappily married to Mr Buchanan finally sees Gatsby after all these years and is in love again. But everything goes horribly wrong to this love story as something usually does when true love is at stake and we have its tragic end.

The film is fabulous and Lurhman’s aesthetic fits once more and makes the story his own. The music is amazing, the photography is beautiful, Gatsby is mesmerizing and I just wonder once more how come Mr Lurhman didn’t think of making this film sooner. It is simply wonderful!




downloadAfter a difficult labour and a newborn at home I had no spare time to watch a film from beginning to end. The first film I actually managed to watch is Suffragette, one I was really curious to watch and it was really interesting.

We meet Maud Watts, a wife and mother that works long hours at a laundry service in the beginning of 20th century London. She is suffragette-10-xlarge
exhausted, abused and frightened of her boss and since it’s the time the suffragettes started becoming aggressive she started paying attention to them. We see how she turns from a quiet woman into an active suffragette defying men’s authority and fightinh for women to have the right to vote.

I had heard more or less the story of the suffragettes and how they were treated by police and the government, how they were attacked, interrogated, imprisoned and force fed when they went on hunger strikes. What I hadn’t realised and this is why I liked this film is how they lived and were treated before being suffragettes. It clearly shows how they were considered mere property with absolutely no rights as human beings. Men could abuse them, threaten them, take their money, even take their kids away no matter if they were rich or poor. Watching Maud’s life she made me feel afraid and sad. But because she was a woman who could see a better future for herself she was ready to fight back.

Her question to her husband if they had a daughter what life she would live and his answer ‘same as yours’ that helped her decide her actions, made me think of my little girl and how lucky she is to be born in the country that this fight has already been fought. Unfortunately at this day and time in this big world of ours there are a few other women that still have to fight.



Woman in Gold


Last night I watched Woman in Gold, a true story based on the life of Maria Altmann.

Maria is a Jewish aristocrat that has fled from Vienna to the US with her husband in the beginning of the second world war leaving behind her family and their past. She also left her legacy and a lot ofmaxresdefault exquisite works of art that belonged to her family and were taken by the nazis. After all these years and after her sister has passed away she decided to fight for her fortune that was stolen from her with  the help of a very young and feisty lawyer.

It is quite a capturing story and it is most interesting when you find out that it is based on real events. The casting is really good and the flashbacks make the story even more vivid. The Viennese music adds to its atmosphere and it is a quiet film worth watching for a quiet afternoon.

Me Before You

download (1)As my husband saw me crying my heart out over the book Me Before You and while trying to make me feel better, he agreed to take me watch the film yesterday.

William Traynor, an athletic fierce businessman that loves his active life, has a terrible accident that leaves him quadriplegic. After two years of physiotherapy, of trying and hoping to get better, he is 20disappointed, understands that there is no way that he could go back to being his old self and makes a deal with his parents that they could have him for six more months. After that he would go to Dignitas where he would be offered assisted dying. His mother desperate to change his mind hires, Louisa Clarke, a local unemployed girl with a weird sense of fashion, as his carer; and that is how everything changes in both Will and Lou’s life.

It is a very moving book and an equally emotional film. Two people that would never have met under normal circumstances affect each others’ lives so much and fall in love with each other with a pure love that goes past appearances and loves the person. Lou loves the man, not the man in a wheelchair; Will wants Lou to be happy and somehow loves her future self, how she will ME BEFORE YOUbecome as he already sees the changes in her in the six months they spent together.

I’ve read a couple of reviews that were quite polemic to the film for what their writers thought was the film’s message regarding disability. All I can say is that I have always been supportive of a person’s freedom and their right to make personal choices (as long as they are not harmful to others). In this case as I am fortunate enough not to be in Will’s position I could never assume to imagine what choices I would make.

It is a moving and romantic film, you get to love the characters and they stay with you for quite some time afterwards. Don’t miss it!


MV5BMTUyMTE0ODcxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODE4NDQzNTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_I finally watched Mad Max Fury Road more out of curiosity than interest as I know my interests are quite different than these kinds of films.

In a futuristic society where the whole world has been destroyed, there is hardly any water and very few societies have survived. The person that keeps the water has all the power. In such a world, maxresdefaultcraziness, violence and hunger prevail, and all that can lead to
dangerous behaviour. Here we see Furiosa trying to save 5 young girls from a cruel master and Mad Max unwillingly joined them.

As I said earlier it didn’t have much to interest me. I knew that Mad Max was a series of films released in the 80s with Mel Gibson. I don’t understand the point of resurrecting them. I don’t understand all this craziness, violence, fury and nonsense that is set in the future. What difference does it make and why is it interesting? Where is the creativity and inspiration in all of this? If you want to show the futility of life, the craziness, violence, fury and nonsense you don’t need to imagine it in the future; have a look at the present.

maxresdefault (1)

MV5BMjMzMzM2NTM2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTk4OTYwOQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_On a lazy Saturday afternoon I watched a Japanese cartoon with the title From Up on Poppy Hill or as the original title goes Kokuriko-zaka karafrom_up_on_poppy_hill_tatin_arts_hall_by_maximusnights-d6s88ae

It is the story of two school friends who become close as they try to save the old building where their clubhouse is in their area and fall in love at the same time. But there is a secret that has to keep them apart.

I hadn’t watched a Japanese cartoon in some time and I had forgotten how much I enjoy them. I like how calm they can be. The story is not bad and it was a really nice film to relax with on a Saturday.


Ricki and the Flash

Ricki_and_the_Flash_posterLast night I watched Ricki and the Flash, a family story.

Ricki is a middle aged rock singer that aspired to be a rock star, that’s why she abandoned her family. She hasn’t been very ricki-and-the-flash-m4v-670
successful that’s why she needs to work in a super market too. When she hears that her daughter was cheated by her new husband and is suicidal she ran to help her. But it is not an easy situation. She has alienated herself from her children all these years that she was absent trying to become famous.

It is an interesting film a bit depressing in the beginning, but the casting is fabulous so the story flows. It is not going to make you cry, but it does have a statement about independence and gender equality. It is not a bad film to watch on a Sunday afternoon but it isn’t going to become your favourite film.


Magic Mike XXL

220px-Magic_mike_xxlLast night I watched the much awaited Magic Mike XXL and I was disappointed.

Here we see Magic Mike although he has started the business company he so much wanted, he returns to the group of his co-male – entertainers for one last show as he missed the fun. So
the film shows them going on a road trip stopping at various 50538_pplplaces where they have various scenes meeting women. Finally they reach their destination and have their last show.

It is a boring film with boring scenes and dialogues. In the first Magic Mike film there was a plot along with the stripping showing (or at least you got the impression that it showed) the true life of a male stripper and Mike’s story. In this second film there was no plot and I had the impression that it was filmed just for showing off their gorgeous bodies. Unfortunately that is not enough.



WhiplashLast night I watched Whiplash one of the Oscars favourite from last year.

Andrew had been passionate about drums since he was a child and at 19 he went to one of the best music schools in the country to become one of the greatest musicians. Fletcher is a passionate teacher in this school, in search of a student who will be one of the greatest. When the two of them get together we see one of the hardest and most demanding relationships between master and student.

It is  a very interesting drama with fantastic music that gets you thinking. What is greatness and how can it be achieved? Talent is obviously not enough.whiplash-2-xlarge

The student knew and accepted that to be great he had to push himself and overcome what he thought were his limits. That’s why he broke up with his girl, that’s why he went back to play for his teacher’s band although he was the one that accused him. The teacher also knew that if he wanted one of his students to be one of the ‘greats’ he had to push them harder so they would overcome their limits; simply telling them “good job” is not enough. I admired the kid that finally overcame his teacher’s obstacles because I believe he deserved to be one of the greats. I just don’t think that the teacher deserved to have found one of the greats. I accept that he was harsh and wouldn’t give away a kind word for anything, he wouldn’t show any appreciation and he was cruel when he talked to his students. But I accepted that all that was to push them out of their limits. What he did in the end showed me that he just wanted to take revenge.


The Age of Adaline

The_Age_of_Adaline_film_posterLast night I watched The Age of Adaline, a romantic drama with a happy ending.

Adaline after a car accident stopped ageing. All the people around her grow old apart from her. When a police officer asked for her birth certificate she decided to disappear and it was time to change her identity. And that is how she Film Review The Age of Adalinecontinued living her life. Never growing old, never afraid of dying, not trusting people and not actually living of course. Until she meets Ellis and his family…

It is a very calm and quiet film. Adaline has accepted her life and lives as she can without extra drama. Even when she has a blast from the past she is as calm as can be, I guess because she is supposed to be quite mature and wise. The film is really stylish, with nice clothes and surroundings and it is good to watch if you want to relax and have a quiet afternoon. But it’s not going to remain with you as the most romantic film of all.