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Seventh Son

SS-A1S-IMAX-31-DECLast night I was lured to watch Seventh Son because of the great casting. This clearly sometimes should not be a reason to watch a film.

The film starts with young Gregory imprisoning something in a remote place. As we reach today and Gregory, a Spook that hunts monsters and has grown old, the thing, a dragon, escapes. seventh-son-004-1500x1000 After Gregory’s apprentice got killed by that dragon he needs to find another apprentice, who has to be the Seventh son of a seventh son to be strong enough. He finds Tom Ward and has to train him until the next full moon. Meanwhile the dragon, which in reality is Mother Malkin, a powerful witch, gains more strength and by the next full moon she will be ready, unbeatable and impossible to capture.

I am a fan of tales of fantasy, of dragons and wizards; but films like these cannot base their success on the costumes, the scenery and the great casting. They need to have a really good plot to take them off and turn them really good films for us to watch. Unfortunately Seventh Son is somewhat lacking in that.



A Christmas Carol

A_Christmas_CarolNow that Christmas is here what a better film to pass the evening with than A Christmas Carol?

It is the story of Ebener Scrooge, the most stingy old man on earth who hates Christmas. Since his business partner died he is is all by himself and keeps away his only family relative, his nephew. On Christmas Eve as he goes to bed 3 spirits visit him, the ghost of Christmas past, the spirit of Chrismas present and the of Chrismas future. And although they scare the life out of him, he gets a valuable lesson.a_christmas_carol_2009_18

It is a beautiful adaptation of Dicken’s famous story. Scrooge is the kind of character that you immediately dislike, then you feel sorry for and in the end he warms up to you. The casting is fantastic, the scenery is cold and christmassy, the story is sad and moving, but the ending leaves you with a warmth in your heart. As all good stories should.

It is the perfect film to watch on Christmas time!



LastCinderella_2015_official_poster night I prepared a hot chocolate and sat down to watch the latest version of Cinderella and it was just beautiful!

It is the classic story of Cinderella, who is treated Cinderella-2015-Stills-Download-Wallpapers
like a servant from her evil stepmother and jealous stepsisters but ends marrying the prince.

What I really liked is that it was the original story simply told. Not full of songs or strange twists and surprises; just the original fairy tale. With beautiful colors, a fairy tale-like scenery and an amazing casting that makes it irresistible to watch again and again. The prince is Rob Stark after all!

Although Ever After remains my favorite version of Cinderella, this is also a film where you should gather your little daughters and nieces around you, prepare more hot chocolate and enjoy!


Into the Woods

Into-The-Woods_3142052cLast night, I watched a fairy tale/musical that I wanted to watch for some time now and I was really excited about it: Into the woods.

It is a combination of various famous fairy tales by the Grimm brothers, like Little hr_into_the_woods_11Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Jack and the magic beans, Cinderella etc. The main characters find themselves in the woods for different reasons, they meet and their stories intertwine; and in the end, they finish most unexpectedly.

Because we already know the plot of these stories and their characters it felt like meeting old friends in new adventures. I liked the fact that they joke with the princes and the princesses; Cinderella is showing doubts regarding the prince and the baker’s wife gets confused in the story. The photography and the mood in the woods is amazing and the casting is so talented that, it is a joy to look at. If only the music was just… better. Not one melody stuck into my head for me to hum this morning, not one song made me love this film.

I would say to watch it once, but I doubt you will want to watch it twice.


Grace of Monaco

Yesterday while I tried to do the ironing, I decided to watch a film so that time will pass more easily. I decided to watch a film about a princess, Grace of Monaco (I’m sure she never had to iron).

The film starts when Grace is alreday married and a mother of two children in the grace-of-monaco-img01Principality of Monaco and we see her struggle to be an example of a princess; how people perceived her, how she changed that and eventually how she saved Monaco from the threat of de Gaulle’s France.

I certainly don’t know if the story is 100% true and how much of it is poetic license and I don’t care. The story is quite intriguing based on a political incident and showing how Gracie, as her closest people call her, was transformed from an indecisive ex actress to a very confident and determined princess and saved her principality. It is a film with a great casting and it was a really good choice to pass my time while doing a stupid chore!


Tangled-2010Last Sunday I watched a beautiful Disney film called Tangled.

It is the well known story of Rapunzel that had beautiful and really long hair and she was locked up in a castle by an evil witch. Or at least that’s how generally I remembered the story from my youth. Here we have Rapunzel that has magic hair tangled_00361568that should never be cut to hold its magic, that’s why it is so long; an evil witch had discovered that secret when Rapunzel was a baby, so she kidnapped her and locked her in a tall tower so that nobody could find her. As all secrets go, she could not have been hidden forever and in our story Flynn Rider, a young thief discovers her and they embark on an adventure together, because like all teenagers Rapunzel is keen to meet the world.

It is a fantastic cartoon and a great Disney film. I was really surprised with the songs and how inspiring and beautiful they are; the adventure is fantastic. I don’t know if I enjoyed it so much because I don’t remember the initial story, but it is a highly enjoyable film. One that is easy to watch many times over!





Tangled_Ever_After_PosterTangled Ever After is a 10 minute sequel to Tangled where we have the big wedding day when Rapunzel and Flynn get married. Maximus the horse along with Pascal the chameleon are responsible for the tangled ever afterwedding rings! Which as we all know is a huge responsibility. Especially when everything goes wrong and a new funy adventure begins for our two loveable characters of the film.

Frozen-movie-posterI must be one of the few that hadn’t watched the famous musical Frozen, so it was the first film of 2015 that I decided to watch, and it was lovely.

Elsa and Anna are two sisters that used to be very close while they were little. But Elsa has magical powers that Anna doesn’t, so Elsa has to protect Anna and she does what she thinks is best after her parents’ request, by shutting herself off from her beloved sister. Of course when secrets are revealed adventures begin.Frozen_C

The love between siblings is something incomparable. The protection that the older siblings feel for the younger and the admiration that the younger siblings feel for the older as well as the special bond that only they share is something unique. At the same time they both want and will live their own lives, like Elsa that wants to finally feel free and test her powers, and Anna who wants to make her own family. Still, no matter how many years pass no one else, be it a good friend, partner or parent, can realise what they share or be part of this bond.

The music is beautiful and Disney’s films are getting better and better. So get your closest people closer and get down to watch it again and again!


Prince_of_Persia_posterYesterday afternoon I stumbled on the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and for one more time I couldn’t change the channel until it was finished.

Little Dastan is adopted by a mighty Persian king and grows up to be a Prince of Persia along Dastan-prince-of-persia-the-sands-of-time-12701805-1446-873with the king’s two sons. Many years later the king invades the great city of Alamut, as he was advised that it was dangerous and there he meets his untimely death. Suspicion fell on Dastan of the king’s violent murder, so Dastan ran away to gain time and prove his innocence. With the help of a princess of the city of Alamut, Tamina, and the magic dagger that he accidentally discovered he turns the world and time upside down to set the record straight and right the wrongs.

It is an amazing adventure including all the elements needed to make a great plot.  There is the mighty king with loving sons and brave warriors, the betrayal and the murder coming when least expected, the merchant trying to exploit everything, the hassansins, trained killers that are like death itself, and the striking princess and guardian of all sacred. We have a fascinating tale of deception, magic, curses and myths in the exotic background of the Persian desert.

I guess I was one of the few that enjoyed this film so much, and in vain waited for the sequel that never came.



Winter’s Tale

winter taleLast night I got home, made a delicious hot cup of chocolate and sat down to watch Winter’s Tale. A film I was really curious about since I had heard the worst.

In a cold New York background we are narrated Peter Lake’s tale. Abandoned by his parents in order to save him from a deadly illness he was found by New York’s poorest and grew up in theWinters-Tale-Pearly-Russell-Crowe streets and orphanages. Until he was discovered by Pearly, a gangster-demon, who saw the potential in him to turn him into a real crook, and really drown the good in him. The story really begins after Peter has escaped Pearly, so Pearly is set to kill him. But Peter is magically saved with the help of a white horse. He then meets the love of his life, Beverly, a beautiful heiress dying of consumption who gives purpose to his life and by loving him helps him perform his miracle.

Between magical horses, stars and miracles, angels and demons and the eternal battle of good and evil we have a new fairy tale based on true and undying love. I’ ve always loved stories and films that have copied from the best and created something new. So Peter Lake reminds me of another orphan, Oliver Twist and how Oliver could be, had he grown up in New York.  The photography was beautiful, the plot was original and the atmosphere was magical. It is perfect to watch on a cold dark winter’s night.

winters tale


Maleficent-(2014)-149As a celebration of this blog’s first year birthday, I watched another fairy tale. The story of the not so well-known Maleficent, the evil witch of the famous tale of Sleeping Beauty.

The story starts with the young and pure hearted fairy girl Maleficent that lives in an enchanted forest when one day she meets and befriends a human boy, Stefan. As she grows her friendship for Stefan maleficent-2014-214turns into something more. Stefan, being greedy and ambitious, betrayed Maleficent’s trust and love in the cruelest of ways, because this way he would be made king. His betrayal turned her heart to stone and made her equally cruel and harsh. So harsh that she decided to cast a curse on Stefan’s infant daughter, to punish him. When princess Aurora turned 16 she would prick her hand and fall asleep forever, and only true love’s kiss woud wake her up.

How would we feel if someone betrayed us? Isn’t it like a mutilation? Well, the story has some twists and turns and it is a little different than the one we already know, but it is a fantastic fairy tale as well. There are monsters and fairies, an evil witch and a magic forest, an unworthy king and a cursed princess; the special effects are great and the plot is original. It is a fresh look on an old story and it is a great film for the whole family, to watch to remind us that true love really exists! Make some popcorn and enjoy!