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Last Knights

last-knights.35329“Honour is something all men are born with. It cannot be taken, nor can it be granted, it can only be lost. “

I just finished waching Last Knights, a historical action adventure exactly like the ones I like.

When Lord Bartok refuses to bribe the New Minister Geza Mott last-nights-3and attacks him, the minister convinces the Emperor to execute Bartok. After the execution, Mott is afraid for his life, certain that Commander Raiden will come after him. Under the Emperor’s orders he cannot kill him, so he has him followed day and night. But Raiden has lost his rank, his honour and his will to live, let alone revenge…

It is a great adventure film set in an utopistic kingdom with no race differences. Any one is equal as a lord or peasant or soldier no matter their colour or race. In such ancient times without the help of technologic gadgets the planning and organizing of the Bartok’s people is admirable. I loved the photography, the settings and costumes in the film. And I also loved the main character in the film; Raiden is a man of such honour, something that is practically extinct.



Last night I watched Exodus: Gods and Kings file_600598_exodus-poster, a film based on the biblical story of Moses.

The story starts when Moses is already a grown man and shows his life in the palace as a general and royalty. When an incident happens and he meets the Hebrew elders that tell him his story and who his true descendants are.

It is a very interesting approach to the famous biblical story. exodus-gods-kings-castWe realise how Moses was a very well educated man with great military skills, that was suitable to be used as a leader to the Hebrews, help them escape and lead them to Canaan. It also shows how strange and tragic it must have felt for the cousin-brother figures, both Ramses and Moses, to find out suddenly that not only they are not related but in the normal circumstances they would hate and try to kill each other. Brotherly love can become complicated.

It is a quite interesting film to watch.


The Monuments Men

mon menLast night I watched The Monuments Men.

It is a film about the effort that was made by a group of Americans, mainly, to recover and return pieces of art taken by the Germans in the World War II. Various sculptures and paintings from Monuments-MEn5the Renaissance and after were taken and hidden throughout Europe so that they would be retrieved again when the Fürher’s museum would be finished. Other pieces of art, mainly from modern artists were burnt and destroyed as they were not considered valuable by the Nazi regime.

It is a story that affected me greatly as it added to the more horrific acts that took place in the World War II and amazed me how after all these years I still feel shocked. But how can the horror, the cruelty and absurdity of this war get used to?.

As a film it has a very American feeling with an amazing cast that gives a light feeling to the story. It is easy to watch and if you have nothing better to do it isn’t a complete waste of time.


300-rise-of-an-empire-poster“We can only judge our future from what we have suffered in the past.” Themistokles

When 300: Rise of an empire was first released I was wondering who could surpass Leonidas and his 300. I was right, no body did, because Themistokles in this new film is his equal.

It is the story of the famous Athenian general Themistokles, famous for his clever tactics in the battle of Marathon fighting the Persian king Darius, but here we see him fight Darius’ son Xerxes. The story takes place parallel to Leonidas’ as he sets to stop the Persians in the Thermopylae. It is at the time when Greece was still divided into city-states, Sparta was empire4constantly against Athens, but Themistokles managed to unite the Greeks and fight against Xerxes and his notorious commander Artemisia.

The film depicts once more the freedom that was Greece against the threat of tyranny by an oppressive leader. What the strength and will of the few but free people can do against the many and mighty enslaved. I loved the design, and the clothes and the photography and the music that blended everything in it. I loved the way time stands still in some scenes but moves faster in others showing the ferocity and cruelty of the acts.

Watching it immediately after the Greek elections with the surprising and historical results of a left party being into government the film feels somehow up to date.

I only have one very basic wish left. That all Greek men would look like that!



Noah2014PosterI had wanted to watch Noah as soon as I first saw the trailer. A well known story with great actors, a fantastic director, what could go wrong? But I am so glad I didn’t go to the cinema to watch it.

As the film is about the biblical story of Noah and his ark, I shouldn’t bore you with a summary.Noah-Snakes-To-Ark

When I read of the story of Noah I never thought how it would be from a reality point of view. How it would be to see the animals get into the Ark, interacting with other people that probably were hostile towards him and then listen to them drowning or listening to rain falling over your head for days in a row. Probably because I never thought of him as a real person, more like a character from a book or a cartoon; like Batman or Donald Duck. Yet the reality part was what was interesting for me to watch in the film.

So the scenes with the giants and the forest and Methuselah, unfortunately they all seemed a bit ridiculous to me and they left a negative feeling over the whole film. I am not saying you shouldn’t watch it, but I am not saying that you should either.


47 Ronin

47-ronin-poster1As a child I remember my grandmother watching the very popular TV series Shogun, and I watched it with her. I was fascinated by the Japanese samurais, their armours and codes of honour. So last night I quite enjoyed watching the story of the notorious 47 Ronin.

It is the story of Asano, the Lord of the region of Ako, who was tricked by an evil witch and 47-RONIN-photo-2attacked a guest in his house. For that he had to die by committing suicide and that is when his samurais became masterless and therefore were called ronin. A year later and as the cunning guest with the help of his witch would become the Lord of Ako by marrying Asano’s daughter, the leader of the samurais, gathered the remaining ronin, determined to avenge his master’s death.

It is a story based on a well known tale of Japanese tradition and it is a story of balance; honour and injustice, love and envy, prejudice and forgiveness. A story with witches, demons, monsters, magic forests and half breeds. It is my kind of adventurous fairy tale and a great way to spend the evening.