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Into the Woods

Into-The-Woods_3142052cLast night, I watched a fairy tale/musical that I wanted to watch for some time now and I was really excited about it: Into the woods.

It is a combination of various famous fairy tales by the Grimm brothers, like Little hr_into_the_woods_11Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Jack and the magic beans, Cinderella etc. The main characters find themselves in the woods for different reasons, they meet and their stories intertwine; and in the end, they finish most unexpectedly.

Because we already know the plot of these stories and their characters it felt like meeting old friends in new adventures. I liked the fact that they joke with the princes and the princesses; Cinderella is showing doubts regarding the prince and the baker’s wife gets confused in the story. The photography and the mood in the woods is amazing and the casting is so talented that, it is a joy to look at. If only the music was just… better. Not one melody stuck into my head for me to hum this morning, not one song made me love this film.

I would say to watch it once, but I doubt you will want to watch it twice.



Mamma Mia!

poster_summer1_bigAs we hope for summer here in Edinburgh, outdoor films are organized in the city. It’s a lovely idea but you need to be ready for any kind of weather. So last Sunday instead of a mosquito repellent, we took a blanket with us and went to watch Mamma Mia!

It all starts with Sofia’s wedding and her decision to invite her father. The problem is she doesn’t MCDMAMI EC036know who her father is. Based on an old diary that her mother was writing the time just before she got pregnant, she decides to invite three men that all seem to be the candidates. Only Donna, Sofia’s mother has no idea they are coming to the wedding!

It is a wonderful, fun film with the amazing songs by ABBA and the magnificent background of Skopelos. You are guaranteed to have a great time and dance, like we did every time there was a song ( it was the perfect way to keep warm!) For me it is the perfect girl’s film. It puts me into summer mood as I count only two weeks left for my holidays under the Greek sun!


Tangled-2010Last Sunday I watched a beautiful Disney film called Tangled.

It is the well known story of Rapunzel that had beautiful and really long hair and she was locked up in a castle by an evil witch. Or at least that’s how generally I remembered the story from my youth. Here we have Rapunzel that has magic hair tangled_00361568that should never be cut to hold its magic, that’s why it is so long; an evil witch had discovered that secret when Rapunzel was a baby, so she kidnapped her and locked her in a tall tower so that nobody could find her. As all secrets go, she could not have been hidden forever and in our story Flynn Rider, a young thief discovers her and they embark on an adventure together, because like all teenagers Rapunzel is keen to meet the world.

It is a fantastic cartoon and a great Disney film. I was really surprised with the songs and how inspiring and beautiful they are; the adventure is fantastic. I don’t know if I enjoyed it so much because I don’t remember the initial story, but it is a highly enjoyable film. One that is easy to watch many times over!





Tangled_Ever_After_PosterTangled Ever After is a 10 minute sequel to Tangled where we have the big wedding day when Rapunzel and Flynn get married. Maximus the horse along with Pascal the chameleon are responsible for the tangled ever afterwedding rings! Which as we all know is a huge responsibility. Especially when everything goes wrong and a new funy adventure begins for our two loveable characters of the film.

Frozen-movie-posterI must be one of the few that hadn’t watched the famous musical Frozen, so it was the first film of 2015 that I decided to watch, and it was lovely.

Elsa and Anna are two sisters that used to be very close while they were little. But Elsa has magical powers that Anna doesn’t, so Elsa has to protect Anna and she does what she thinks is best after her parents’ request, by shutting herself off from her beloved sister. Of course when secrets are revealed adventures begin.Frozen_C

The love between siblings is something incomparable. The protection that the older siblings feel for the younger and the admiration that the younger siblings feel for the older as well as the special bond that only they share is something unique. At the same time they both want and will live their own lives, like Elsa that wants to finally feel free and test her powers, and Anna who wants to make her own family. Still, no matter how many years pass no one else, be it a good friend, partner or parent, can realise what they share or be part of this bond.

The music is beautiful and Disney’s films are getting better and better. So get your closest people closer and get down to watch it again and again!


Sunshine on Leith

sunshine on leithLast night I watched a film called Sunshine on Leith. It was a film I hadn’t heard anything about, but it was surprisingly cute.

Two friends, Davy and Ally, that have been released from the army after doing a term in Afghanistan return Sunshine on Leith 1home to amazing Edinburgh and especially to the area of Leith. Davy is back with his loving family that are getting ready to celebrate his parents’ 25th wedding anniversary and Ally intending to propose to his girlfriend, Davy’s sister. But not everything goes according to plan.

It is a cute musical, set in the wonderful background of the city of Edinburgh, the area of Leith, the Shore (my favourite), Calton Hill and Princes Garderns.  But as I was watching the film, there was always one question going around in my mind and the belief that it must have been really tough to make this film.

Where did they find the sunshine?! It is Edinburgh! It is raining for fun!!


Les Miserables

les miserablesUnfortunately I don’t have  the words to express how magnificent this film is. It is officially one of my favourite films.

Published in 1862 by Victor Hugo, Les Miserables remains until today one of the most powerful stories ever written. It is set in France in the beginning of the 19th century and tells the story of Jean Valjean who was convicted because he stole a loaf of bread. He was released from prison but broke his parole and assume a new identity. Javert is the famous inspector determined to catch him.

Valjean from a desperate thief and hated convict becomes the man who can give hope, save lives and be loved. He movies_les_mis_promo_pics_2asks himself Who am I? when he clearly has found himself. He asks the same question again when he was faced with the greatest dilemma of his life. Should he reveal his true identity or let someone else take the blame? What makes the book and the film so powerful is that he chooses the hard path of telling the truth. He is a strong man and we admire him for it.

It is such a passionate film and the songs are so moving. They show us despair, hate, malice, forgiveness, friendship, loss, pain. I couldn’t help but cry when Fantine was singing or at Eponine’s death. I loved Thenardier and his wife as Master of the house. I completely adored little Gavroche and his heroism. It is such an amazing film that I am only sorry I am not part of it. Films so great make me want to do great things; though being just a sick beggar at the beggar’s chorus would be enough.gavroche

“It is the music of the people who will NOT be slaves again!”