the-best-offer-posterLast night I watched an amazing film called The Best Offer, and it was the best choice for a “mystery” night at home.

Virgil Oldman is the best auctioneer of antique art in the world. He is somewhat eccentric, he loves art and he can tell the original from the fake just by having a quick MCDBEOF EC154look at it. Miss Claire is a young lady that asks him to valuate the furniture and works of art in her house. But he can never see her as she suffers from a strange illness. As he accepts the assignment he grows more curious and makes her trust him little by little.

It is a marvellous mystery drama that its characters attract you and time flies. It is a work of art itself. As Mr Oldman says, nothing is fake, everything is original, as even the best forger cannot help themselves and will put a brush, a shade, a smidgen of colour in a copy of a painting to carry their signature, their feelings; just to show that they were there. But only a well trained eye like Mr Oldman’s can see that. Based on that, is how he chooses to finish his story.

It is a fantastic film. Just watch it at the first chance you get!