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The Great Gatsby

The-Great-Gatsby-Movie-2013When The Great Gatsby by Baz Lurhmann was advertised to be released I was thrilled and determined to go and watch it. But having chosen Steinbeck over Fitzgerald at university I am ashamed to admit that I had never read the book. I decided to read the book first and afterwards watch the film. So now three years later I have to say that both book and film are perfect! THE GREAT GATSBY

Gatsby is this handsome, mysterious and very rich young man who has suddenly appeared in the social life of the 20s New York and is a neighhbour to Nick whose cousin is Daisy that happens to be Gatsby’s first and only love. Gatsby throws extravagant parties where everybody who is somebody wants to go to and waits for the day that Daisy will enter his door. Daisy that is unhappily married to Mr Buchanan finally sees Gatsby after all these years and is in love again. But everything goes horribly wrong to this love story as something usually does when true love is at stake and we have its tragic end.

The film is fabulous and Lurhman’s aesthetic fits once more and makes the story his own. The music is amazing, the photography is beautiful, Gatsby is mesmerizing and I just wonder once more how come Mr Lurhman didn’t think of making this film sooner. It is simply wonderful!



Two night stand

Two_night_standAnother film that I happened upon on TV and decided to watch was Two Night Stand.

It is the story of two single people Alec and Megan, that meet through one of the online dating services and end up having a maxresdefault
one night stand in Alec’s house. In the morning there is a terrible blizzard and Megan is trapped in his house so they have to spend the whole day together, but things go a bit off so it is not as friendly as it was previously. But when night came they make up and  have the second night stand.

Have you ever watched something that was so bad but you couldn’t stop watching it? The performances are so bad, especially the girl’s, that they are unforgettable and for the rest eg. music, plot there is no space for talking about it in this blog.




Me Before You

download (1)As my husband saw me crying my heart out over the book Me Before You and while trying to make me feel better, he agreed to take me watch the film yesterday.

William Traynor, an athletic fierce businessman that loves his active life, has a terrible accident that leaves him quadriplegic. After two years of physiotherapy, of trying and hoping to get better, he is 20disappointed, understands that there is no way that he could go back to being his old self and makes a deal with his parents that they could have him for six more months. After that he would go to Dignitas where he would be offered assisted dying. His mother desperate to change his mind hires, Louisa Clarke, a local unemployed girl with a weird sense of fashion, as his carer; and that is how everything changes in both Will and Lou’s life.

It is a very moving book and an equally emotional film. Two people that would never have met under normal circumstances affect each others’ lives so much and fall in love with each other with a pure love that goes past appearances and loves the person. Lou loves the man, not the man in a wheelchair; Will wants Lou to be happy and somehow loves her future self, how she will ME BEFORE YOUbecome as he already sees the changes in her in the six months they spent together.

I’ve read a couple of reviews that were quite polemic to the film for what their writers thought was the film’s message regarding disability. All I can say is that I have always been supportive of a person’s freedom and their right to make personal choices (as long as they are not harmful to others). In this case as I am fortunate enough not to be in Will’s position I could never assume to imagine what choices I would make.

It is a moving and romantic film, you get to love the characters and they stay with you for quite some time afterwards. Don’t miss it!


Love, Rosie

love__rosie__2015____movie_poster_by_blantonl98-d8gtc68Last night I watched a romantic film that I hadn’t heard anything about. It is called Love, Rosie.

Rosie and Alex met when they were 5 years old and living in the same street they have been the closest and best of friends ever since. But growing into adults started to complicate their Love-Rosie
relationship and friendship. Just when they decide to leave their home town and go to college life steps in and changes their plans putting a great distance between them.

It is based on a book called Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern which I had never read. The film is quite nice as it is quite funny at times with weird situations that seem a bit too much; but as we know weird situations can happen to anyone any day. I loved the music when they went clubbing as it reminded me of my youth. It is sweet and interesting to watch and makes you think of how absolute and innocent first love can be.


MV5BMjMzMzM2NTM2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTk4OTYwOQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_On a lazy Saturday afternoon I watched a Japanese cartoon with the title From Up on Poppy Hill or as the original title goes Kokuriko-zaka karafrom_up_on_poppy_hill_tatin_arts_hall_by_maximusnights-d6s88ae

It is the story of two school friends who become close as they try to save the old building where their clubhouse is in their area and fall in love at the same time. But there is a secret that has to keep them apart.

I hadn’t watched a Japanese cartoon in some time and I had forgotten how much I enjoy them. I like how calm they can be. The story is not bad and it was a really nice film to relax with on a Saturday.


The Age of Adaline

The_Age_of_Adaline_film_posterLast night I watched The Age of Adaline, a romantic drama with a happy ending.

Adaline after a car accident stopped ageing. All the people around her grow old apart from her. When a police officer asked for her birth certificate she decided to disappear and it was time to change her identity. And that is how she Film Review The Age of Adalinecontinued living her life. Never growing old, never afraid of dying, not trusting people and not actually living of course. Until she meets Ellis and his family…

It is a very calm and quiet film. Adaline has accepted her life and lives as she can without extra drama. Even when she has a blast from the past she is as calm as can be, I guess because she is supposed to be quite mature and wise. The film is really stylish, with nice clothes and surroundings and it is good to watch if you want to relax and have a quiet afternoon. But it’s not going to remain with you as the most romantic film of all.



Love and Honour

love-and-honor-dvd-cover-91Last night, I searched through the TV programme and decided to watch Love and Honor, a romantic drama.

It is the year 1969 and two soldiers, Joiner and Mickey, that are in a one week leave from the army, serving the war in Vietnam, decide to2013_love_innerbig secretly fly to the US, just for a couple of days. Joiner wants to propose to his girlfriend and Mickey wants to make sure that his friend will come back. But things aren’t quite as they expected, as it is the year of free love; Joiner’s girlfriend, changed her name, has turned hippie, and lives in a commune.

There is simply no reason to watch this film (not even for Liam Hemsworth); unless you are a teenager and have never seen a film about Vietnam and the hippies before. Even then I’m sure you can find something else!


Far from the Madding Crowd

download (1)Last night I watched Far from the Madding Crowd, one of the most romantic films I happened to see lately.

Bathsheba Everdene is a young and independent woman helping her aunt with her farm. When farmer Oak sees her he asks her to marry him, but she refuses. After a turn of luck for both of them Miss Everdene inherits her uncle’s farm and imagesfarmer Oak loses all his fortune. He started looking for jobs and he happened to be around Miss Everdene’s farm just in time to save it from fire. Miss Everdene takes him to work in her farm, but her next door neighbour Mr Boldwood is the attractive and eligible bachelor that starts to court her. Still Bathsheba is too independent for a husband, until out of nowhere the young soldier Francis Troy appears in front of her…

Far from the Madding Crowd is one of the most famous books of the Victorian era of English Literature by Thomas Hardy. It is set in the beautiful English countryside and it has lovely melodic music to accompany it. The photography is amazing and it tries to make a point I think; when we know that farmer Oak is well, those are the only times the sun is almost blinding us, and we feel warm and sunny, young and happy. It’s a beautiful romantic love story, one of the best in the English literature as most people say, and one of the sweetest films I’ve ever seen.



LastCinderella_2015_official_poster night I prepared a hot chocolate and sat down to watch the latest version of Cinderella and it was just beautiful!

It is the classic story of Cinderella, who is treated Cinderella-2015-Stills-Download-Wallpapers
like a servant from her evil stepmother and jealous stepsisters but ends marrying the prince.

What I really liked is that it was the original story simply told. Not full of songs or strange twists and surprises; just the original fairy tale. With beautiful colors, a fairy tale-like scenery and an amazing casting that makes it irresistible to watch again and again. The prince is Rob Stark after all!

Although Ever After remains my favorite version of Cinderella, this is also a film where you should gather your little daughters and nieces around you, prepare more hot chocolate and enjoy!


Magic in the Moonlight

magic-moonlightI finally watched Magic in the Moonlight the latest comedy by Woody Allen and it is absolutely magic. For me it is simply his best!

There is Stanley who is a famous magician that has practised any magic trick known and magic-in-the-moonlightbelieves that he has figured everything out, so he doesn’t believe in magic anymore. When his old friend and colleague Howard visits him to tell him about this psychic Sophie, that can really predict the future and come in touch with the dead, Stanley goes to the South of France to prove that she is a charlatan. And that is where he will encounter real magic!

Stanley is a very funny character and I often found myself laughing with his attitude. The film, which is so stylish, is set in a beautiful background and the way it is directed is so absorbing, it made me feel as if I was also on set. There is a time when they are in the garden and the light falls at the side of the characters but in front of us, that you feel you need to shade you eyes! I loved it! The music is great as usual and the characters are loveable.

Just watch it ! I am sure I’ll watch it again!