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MV5BMTUyMTE0ODcxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODE4NDQzNTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_I finally watched Mad Max Fury Road more out of curiosity than interest as I know my interests are quite different than these kinds of films.

In a futuristic society where the whole world has been destroyed, there is hardly any water and very few societies have survived. The person that keeps the water has all the power. In such a world, maxresdefaultcraziness, violence and hunger prevail, and all that can lead to
dangerous behaviour. Here we see Furiosa trying to save 5 young girls from a cruel master and Mad Max unwillingly joined them.

As I said earlier it didn’t have much to interest me. I knew that Mad Max was a series of films released in the 80s with Mel Gibson. I don’t understand the point of resurrecting them. I don’t understand all this craziness, violence, fury and nonsense that is set in the future. What difference does it make and why is it interesting? Where is the creativity and inspiration in all of this? If you want to show the futility of life, the craziness, violence, fury and nonsense you don’t need to imagine it in the future; have a look at the present.

maxresdefault (1)


dracula-untoldLast night I watched Dracula Untold, the latest narration of the well known Dracula story.

Prince Vlad was taken by the Turks in the age of 10 to be raised by the Sultan and become an invincible warrior. He was part of the Janissaries the Turks were raising, Dracula-Untold-Luke-Evans-Son-Art-Parkinsonthousands of children taken and raised to be the fiercest soldiers and make up the Turkish army. The Prince after serving his time and killing thousands of people in the most cruel ways, he returned to his country to rule and have his family in peace. When the Turks appeared again demanding his son for their cruel army Vlad decided to fight them with all his might, turning into a dark monster, Dracula, that had unlimited strength and could not die.

Dracula here is a family man that fights to save his son. There are some gaps in the story and Bram Stoker’s Dracula remains in the top of my list, but this film is worth watching. It is an action film that has the dramatic dark atmosphere of the Transylvanian landscape and a Dracula for whom we really care and feel for his suffering. The filming is rather interesting, especially the scenes in the battle that are mirrored on a sword.

It is a great girl’s horror film as it also has the sexiest Dracula I’ve ever seen. You should definitely watch it!


Edge_of_Tomorrow_PosterOn Saturday night I wanted to watch something I had heard nothing about, so I watched The Edge of Tomorrow.
In a futuristic world where our planet is under alien attack and just one step before extinction, Major Cage, who earned his title without ever fighting, is transferred to a military camp. There, quite edge-of-tomorrow-tom-cruise-02-636-380unwillingly he will have to be at the war front. After landing in the battle front which is a trap and humans are slaughtered, he kills one of the Mimics, the aliens, and he also gets killed. The next moment he wakes up, back in time on the previous day that he went to the camp and … repeat and … repeat and … Until he decides to do something differently.
It is an interesting thriller and it has a very simple base story. It could easily become a boring film but it isn’t, on the contrary it is quite exciting. We might have a few questions that are not answered and some tricks that go unexplained but there is no need to look deeper. It is a good adventure film and fun to pass your time.

Gone Girl

gone-girl-posterLast night until 2:30 in the morning I was up watching Gone Girl, and unfortunately, I didn’t have a very quiet sleep after that!

It is the story of Amy and Nick, their marriage and how on the day of their fifth anniversary Nick’s wife disappeared. As Nick starts looking for his wife we feel his slightly strange attitude gone-girl-DF-01826cc_rgb.jpgas he doesn’t react in the most grievious or caring manner, keeping his secrets too. Naturally he is regarded as the primal suspect by the police about his wife’s disappearance.

As the story is full of mystery and secrets I am afraid of saying too much as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Just watch it as it is a really good film; the photography and the filmography as well as the casting are all really exceptional. But what matters most in a film is the story, which is so powerful and original that makes it worthwhile.



TheHungerGamesCatchingFire” Remember who the real enemy is!”

Finally last night I had the chance to watch the much acclaimed second part of The Hunger Games, since I was unable to watch it at the cinema.

In the second film we see our beloved Katniss Everdeen returning unexpectedly to the next year’s Hunger Woody-Harrelson-Josh-Hutcherson-and-Jennifer-Lawrence-in-The-Hunger-Games-Catching-FireGames accompanied again by Peeta Mellark. They have to deal with equally wild challenges as in the previous Games and brutal violence, but this time there is something different. We see that President-the god-Snow feels threatened by Katniss’ impact on the people and the hope that she inspires into them. He is also a little scared, though he doesn’t show it, but he is determined to have her killed and make an example out of her at the same time. He hires whom he believes to be the best, to do that, but he doesn’t realise what is really happening around him, as the mockingjay, the rebels’ symbol, is about to fly.

As before the film is fantastic, the characters are adorable and you really feel for them and the photography is amazing. The people wrote on an abandoned building:  “The odds are never in our favour”so I can’t wait to watch the next film and find out what is going to happen!



jack-ryan-shadow-recruit-theatricalLast night we sat down to watch the newest Jack Ryan film adaptation, Tom Clancy’s main character in his famous books, the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Jack Ryan, a university student, after watching the terrible terrorist events of 9/11 decides to drop out and join the army. After almost getting killed but having saved two of his men, he is contacted by the CIA and becomes an Film Review Jack Ryanagent so that he could defend his country against terrorism. After ten years of working undercover he discovers a big economic threat from Russia which would start the second great depression in the US. So he suddenly finds himself in the field and becomes an operative.

I liked the action and the character is quite interesting, the casting is amazing, but I couldn’t help but feel that there was something missing. It could have been a fantastic film; but by the end of it I realized that it was the third film released this last year where the US was under attack or afraid of being attacked. How many more films with a young American hero saving the whole country from catastrophe can one watch? No matter how cute they are?



prometheusSince I found out Prometheus 2 is going to be released next year I decided to watch the first film to see what it is about.

In the year 2093 a team of scientists board the spaceship Prometheus on an expedition in search of humanity’s makers, based on the theories and discoveries of two archaeologists. Prometheus-prometheus-2012-film-30865799-800-533This expedition is funded by a zillionaire who is set to find the answers to the ancient questions and live forever. After two years travelling in space they finally reach their destination, a planet where these makers are lying dead. Or not quite… Like the ancient Prometheus these people set to get answers for the world and help humankind. But I couldn’t help but feel that answers we don’t get.

The film seemed quite interesting and it had potential, but when it finished something bothered me. It is just a very bad film. There was lack of imagination and inexplicable violence. This supposedly higher species who was the creator of mankind the first thing that decides to do when the last one awakes after years of sleeping is kill four short people that he sees in front of him. The alien creature that had to appear in the last scenes had to be exactly like the Alien beings in the initial 1979 Alien film. And finally something that I noticed for the first time in a film; there was absolutely no reason for Ms Theron’s part in the film. It would have been literally exactly the same film had she not been there. I started to think that she took part only to attract viewers. Such a shame. And now they want to make a second? Why?





tranceDo you want to remember, or do you want to forget?”

For some reason I ‘ve always thought that amnesia is the medicine to great pain. Not being of course the answer to the problem as we can see from TranceTrance (1)

Simon is working for an auction company and when a painting of significance value is the next item to be auctioned, Simon is the key participant to the painting being stolen. Unluckily, after a heavy blow during the theft he is hospitalized, where they tell him that he suffers of amnesia. Some time later after he has recovered and after the master villain Franck caught him and asks for the painting, Simon goes to a hypnotist to remember where he left the painting. The beautiful hypnotist realizes that Simon is in trouble and decides to help him. And little by little everything starts unravelling and become more complicated at the same time.

Trance is a film that is quite riveting and as it unfolds you understand that not everything is as it seems. Unfortunately, I found the ending a bit confusing and unsatisfactory; I kind of had the idea that the story teller had the main character and plot in his mind, but didn’t know exactly how to end it.


The_Two_Faces_of_January_film_posterLast night under a starry sky and a light breeze I went with a friend to a summer cinema to watch The Two Faces of January; and it was lovely!

Based on one of Patricia Highsmith’s novels, The Two Faces of January takes us on a tour in Greece where a wealthy 10-15-12-Actors-VIGGO-MORTENSEN-and-KIRSTEN-DUNST-during-the-filming-of-the-movieThe-Two-Faces-of-January-inside-Parthenon-at-the-Acropolis.-1125x750couple of American tourists, Mr and Mrs McFarland, get in an adventure as soon as they meet the American tourist guide Rydal in the steps of the Acropolis. A trio is formed and their adventure and destiny takes them to Crete and Istanbul. As in most Highsmith’s novels, tragedy hits. In this case it’s like a Greek tragedy. The protagonists after their own wrong doings and frauds are punished when fate steps in; the end is cathartic as it should be.

The film is atmospheric; the music is riveting; the characters are gripping and engage the spectator in their whims and vices; and all that is set in a beautiful mythical background in Greece of the 60s.

A good film with a good friend in a Greek summer night; heaven on earth!






” What brings us together is what pulls us apart”

After a May day very far from spring with the cold wind and the rain beating us almost all day I snowhitewanted to watch something with a little atmosphere having a hot cup of chocolate between my hands. So I made myself comfortable to watch yet another fairy tale, Snow White and the Huntsman. And I loved it!

The first part of the film stays true to the original fairy tale by the brothers Grimm; it is dark and mysterious and scary! Depicting the beautiful stepmother as having heavy psychological problems because of rejection and poverty during childhood, the evil queen was really evil but for a reason. There is a twist in the tale when Snow White finds shelter in a village suffering under the queen’s reign; thus meeting her own people and understanding their problems. She meets the dwarves later who lead her in the magic forest and accept her as their saviour and future queen.

As in Ever After, the famous protagonist is more than a pretty face, she is not a princess only in title, but she is a fighter, a leader. She actually puts on an armour after her return from the dead to lead her people against the queen! Prince Charming comes to her rescue only a minute (or a lifetime!) too late…

Snow White and the Huntsman delivers the magic that you expect and more. The scenes in the forest are marvelous. The fairies and the animals and the music are all enchanting. The dwarves are just the best! It’s an all-star cast that together add character and more magic to the film. It’s a dark and captivating fairy tale!