Category: Thriller / Horror

The Woman in BlackLast night I watched a film that was never on my list of films that I HAD TO watch, because I don’t really watch thrillers, but it started and I was caught! It was quite interesting and very scary!

Arthur Kipps is trying very hard to keep his job at the law firm where he’s working and when the firm sends him to a remote village in the north he leaves his 4-year old son with his nanny and goes to the village to sort things out. He has to gatherthe-woman-in-black-whysoblu-com-4 the documents from an old house whose owner just died, so that it will be sold, but when he gets there he finds that all the villagers don’t want him and try to make him leave. Determined not to lose his job he spends time in the house which seems haunted as a woman in black appears and disappears.

Without much dialogue it is a great thriller based on the house’s atmosphere, the villagers’ hurt looks, the marshes and the protagonist’s face who is also haunted by his wife’s memory. After watching for about an hour I thought of not watching the rest and turn the TV off  but, well, I couldn’t! I remember feeling my heart beat quite fast and though I tried to rationalize it and calm down, well, I couldn’t! I thought of not writing about it in this blog but, well, I couldn’t! But I have to say, I still don’t believe in ghosts.



world_war_zLast night I tried to watch World War Z  and I only made the effort because Mr Pitt made it and he is one of my favourite actors. But I really do hate films with zombies!

So I managed to watch the first 10 minutes. I’m sorry but I can’t find meaning in this movie. What’s the point? What was he thinking?

Now you see me‘My job? To take that most precious of gifts you give me, your attention, and use it against you!’

On a boring Sunday evening I wanted to watch something that would be entertaining and I hit the spot with Now you see me.

Four illusionists get together under a strange summoning and pull together amazing stunts and magic tricks on stage, like robbing a bank in France! As expected they attract the attention of the FBI and the Now you see me the showInterpol. We follow the plot as the police is fooled and tricked as well by the illusionists and they can’t prove a thing. I was hooked from the start as the trick with the cards is amazing. (I also chose the card that appeared on the building! How did this happen?)

The story blends together, the characters are a great team, the actors are all first rate artists and though I thought that I could find out the mystery character … well, I didn’t. It is exciting, it is entertaining, it will definitely make for an interesting evening and that is why it has been announced that Now you see me 2 is on the making! Now you see me cops

Dracula 2000

dracula2000When I choose to watch a film I fairly know what to expect. Now I don’t know what compelled me (Gerard Butler I guess) to watch Dracula 2000, and though it seems quite promising in the beginning by the end of the film I realised why I hadn’t watched it when it was released in 2000. Because for people who have watched and favoured Bram Stoker’s Dracula they should  never  watch Dracula 2000.

After 25 min in the film I was glad to see that all the B movie characters got killed. Unfortunately I didn’t think that after encountering the vampire they would be resurrected! As the movie continued my suffering grew…????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The truth is I am too old to watch such a film. It is a perfect film if it is Halloween or if you are a teenager and want to get a little scared. If you are over 30 don’t watch it for any reason (not even for Mr Butler who is quite decent) as you are going to experience boredom and suffering.