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mockingjaypostersmall_0Last night I finally managed to go and watch the last part of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Because all good things must come to an end.

Katniss Everdeen, the Mockingjay, is continuing The-Hunger-Games-Mockingjay-Part-2-8her fight against the Capitol and with the help of her friends she manages to enter it. But President Snow has converted the Capitol in another arena for the Hunger Games. Katniss has to be crowned victor once more to be finally victorious. But will she?

There isn’t much left to say about this famous trilogy.It is the unavoidable ending to a great series of books and films. I felt a little sad while watching it and I don’t know if I would prefer a different ending. Sometimes you don’t want some things to end although you know that nothing can go on forever.




the-maze_runner_xlgLast night I watched The Maze Runner, an action film which is the first part of a trilogy, based on the novels of James Dashner.

Every month there is a boy who is sent to the Glade, an open space in the heart of the Maze. A maze+runner+trailerhuge maze that constantly changes, hides big scary creatures that are deadly and appear during the night therefore making it impossible to leave. Until Thomas arrives and things start to change.

It is an interesting action film in a dystopic future where an elite is contacting experiments to the less fortunate. Another film that shows humans return to the basics: survival. I don’t know why but these films always remind me of the stone age. Our civilization has passed the hi-techassic age and returned to the beginning only now we have robotic dinosaurs.

It’s not a bad film to pass your time and there are two more to wait for.

The Maze Runner, 2014

Divergent-movie-poster-4I finally watched Divergent. Another film that is based on a book trilogy and is set in a fantastic and dystopian society; and although I am a great fan of The Hunger Games (one can’t help but to compare them), I also have to say that I loved this one too.

This society is divided into 5 factions and when somebody comes of age they have to choose in which faction they want to belong. Once they choose they can never go back. Our heroine zoe kravitz divergent apBeatrice decided to join the Dauntless, a faction that is like the police, but from the tests that she did she seems to be a Divergent, meaning that she doesn’t belong to only one faction. That is something that if known could kill her. So she becomes very distrustful trying to keep her secret.

It is a film set in an imaginary future of our world, a future that seems grim, but is more like a metaphor of our society as it isn’t as far away from reality as we would like to think. Using the greater good, world peace, fear of the unknown and general safety as an excuse, people can be tamed, controlled and have limited freedom. Does that sound strange, weird, foreign?


MockingjayPart1Poster3I just watched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

After Katniss Everdeen destroyed the Hunger Games, she unknowingly started the revolution. People started to rebel and fight in most of the districts. Being the face of that rebellion people look up to her and expect her to lead. The opposing goverment uses her to organize the districts so that they can fight against president Snow as Hunger-Games-Mockingjay-Katnissone. Katniss reluctantly decides to help them as President Snow has captured Peeta and in his turn uses him and tortures him so that to get to Katniss and stop her.

It was amazing how many people ran into their certain death in order for a few of them to be able to bomb the Capitol. My friend commented that they should have been more organized in their attack. I think that desperate people will always end up using desperate measures. People distanced from the pain and suffering coming from tyranny probably look at the rebellion as an unorganized effort coming from unorganized revolutionaries. Truth is it is difficult to be organized when enslaved. Rebellions happen when the time is right.

Katniss is their Mockingjay, their symbol of freedom, the face of the rebellion, her song is their anthem; and I can’t wait to see the second part.


TheHungerGamesCatchingFire” Remember who the real enemy is!”

Finally last night I had the chance to watch the much acclaimed second part of The Hunger Games, since I was unable to watch it at the cinema.

In the second film we see our beloved Katniss Everdeen returning unexpectedly to the next year’s Hunger Woody-Harrelson-Josh-Hutcherson-and-Jennifer-Lawrence-in-The-Hunger-Games-Catching-FireGames accompanied again by Peeta Mellark. They have to deal with equally wild challenges as in the previous Games and brutal violence, but this time there is something different. We see that President-the god-Snow feels threatened by Katniss’ impact on the people and the hope that she inspires into them. He is also a little scared, though he doesn’t show it, but he is determined to have her killed and make an example out of her at the same time. He hires whom he believes to be the best, to do that, but he doesn’t realise what is really happening around him, as the mockingjay, the rebels’ symbol, is about to fly.

As before the film is fantastic, the characters are adorable and you really feel for them and the photography is amazing. The people wrote on an abandoned building:  “The odds are never in our favour”so I can’t wait to watch the next film and find out what is going to happen!



The Hangover

The Hangover part 1‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ 

The Hangover parts 1,2 and 3 are three movies with the same male company doing las vegasbachelorparties before their friends’ weddings. The first part is set in Las Vegas where they wake up without any memory of what happened the previous night and one friend missing. The second part is set in Bangkok where they wake up without any memory of what happened the previous night and one friend missing! bangkok13a The third part is set in Las Vegas basically where they go not for a bachelor party but with full knowledge and memory of what is happening and one friend being kept as a prisoner.

Part I is really funny, exciting and gives you energy by the end of it. You want to go out and do something. Part II is also funny and it has pictures of the-hangover-part-2-movie-poster-01beautiful and exotic scenery. You want to go travelling. Part III is not really funny. There is no reason really for calling the third part The Hangover as they don’t get hangover at all, though there is a wedding in the end. It was more an excuse to make another film following a successful The Hangover Part 3 Movierecipe; but it is an interesting adventure it keeps the pace and I was curious to see ‘the wolfpack’ once more. It was as if I met old friends again. The characters are detailed and I got to like them (except the little disgusting Chinese man).

I don’t know if these are women’s movies but since when watching four guys having fun is not for women?


The Hobbit

The Hobbit the book

The Hobbit or There and back again was published in 1937 and it has been a huge succes in children’s books since. It has also been a massive endeavour to be brought to the big screen, but the films are equally impressive.

the-hobbitAn Unexpected Journey  is the first part of a trilogy by the maker of The Lord of the Rings films, Peter Jackson, and it delivers the same quality, detail and mode of story telling as in the The Lord of the Rings series. I watched An Unexpected Journey on dvd and realised how much I missed from the film. Certain scenes are so magnificent that are worth watching on the cinema screen.

So last night I went to watch part 2, The Desolation of Smaug. the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaug-poster-22Equally impressive the story continues on the same pattern; adventurous, frightening and funny at times. It is definitely worth watching on a big screen. So at this festive time of year it is one of the best choices for a night at the cinema!

And of course we just have to wait next year for the last and final part!

The Hunger Games

220px-HungerGamesPosterBecause of the 2nd part of the The Hunger Games trilogy just coming out I was intrigued and decided to watch the first part to see what it is about.


President or God?

Just like in the myth of the Minotaur, one boy and one girl from each of the 12 districts are chosen in random and are taken to the labyrinth, er… I mean the capital, where they have to be sacrificed. These are the Hunger Games and they are a reality tv show that takes part once a year. The sacrifice is that the participants have to be thrown in a wild forest where they have to survive and kill each other until there is only one winner left. All this is happening while the rest of the world is watching through a television set. The people from the production of the reality show, just like the Olympian gods, are watching from above and can change the rules of the games; like deus ex machina they help the players if they like them (or if it makes a good TV show) or sent Cerberus to make them suffer if they don’t. In the end President Snow reminds us of an angry Zeus; angry because the heroes tricked him and I guess will get ready to take his revenge!

Though it is set in a futuristic background and we must assume that we are in a world very far from the one we live in, I found myself paralleling these cruel games to our own society. The fear and distress that the participants of the games feel, the hunger and despair and anger that the people of the districts feel, the indifference and apathy that the people from the capital show, as well as the heroism and humanity of our Katniss and the hope she brings, they are everyday feelings springing from our world. Another reason why the Hunger Games are so successful and why I can’t wait to watch the second part!