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Mamma Mia!

poster_summer1_bigAs we hope for summer here in Edinburgh, outdoor films are organized in the city. It’s a lovely idea but you need to be ready for any kind of weather. So last Sunday instead of a mosquito repellent, we took a blanket with us and went to watch¬†Mamma Mia!

It all starts with Sofia’s wedding and her decision to invite her father. The problem is she doesn’t MCDMAMI EC036know who her father is. Based on an old diary that her mother was writing the time just before she got pregnant, she decides to invite three men that all seem to be the candidates. Only Donna, Sofia’s mother has no idea they are coming to the wedding!

It is a wonderful, fun film with the amazing songs by ABBA and the magnificent background of Skopelos. You are guaranteed to have a great time and dance, like we did every time there was a song ( it was the perfect way to keep warm!) For me it is the perfect girl’s film. It puts me into summer mood as I count only two weeks left for my holidays under the Greek sun!



Letters to Juliet

Letters_to_juliet_poster¬†‘All the ladies are gonna be flocking to Verona’

I’m sure from the title and the pictures you get what this film is about in no time. But what you can’t know unless you see it is how beautiful Verona is (apart from the people of course who already have been there!)

So here we have Sophie who visits Verona with her fiance, he is very busy, and somehow she gets herself in an gelato?adventure with other people and finds true love! She writes about this adventure and her publisher said the one thing that stuck with me and made me write about this film; that the ladies will be flocking to Verona. Because as soon as the characters stepped their foot in Italy I was captured and instantly wanted to be there myself. The sunny city, the friendly people, the food and the wine, the gelato and the campagna and, of course, Tuscany is unbelievable.

The film, as its story goes, does not hold a great surprise and the music could have been much better; but from a tourist point of view it’s even better than what Woody Allen has done for Rome or Paris! So, if you feel like travelling, if it’s kind of a last minute decision and you have only a couple of hours to spend, well this is certainly the fastest way to get there. Pour yourself a glass of chianti and enjoy!


Fair Verona!


Epic Quad

Last night after a quiet day I wanted to watch something light. Epic is what I chose to watch.

It is an animated film about a lonely girl, M.K., who isn’t very close to her father but comes to live with him after her mother died. Her father is obsessed with the forest and unwittingly she is caught in its magic. After the queen of the forest died she has to save it from darkness and rot. She will do that of course with the help of the magical snail and slug and the Leafmen, who are the army of the forest.

No one is alone is what the Leafmen say and that is what I tried to remember from that film. It is magical and colourful and nice and sometimes funny (though not enough). Unfortunately it didn’t become one of my favourites.