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Woman in Gold


Last night I watched Woman in Gold, a true story based on the life of Maria Altmann.

Maria is a Jewish aristocrat that has fled from Vienna to the US with her husband in the beginning of the second world war leaving behind her family and their past. She also left her legacy and a lot ofmaxresdefault exquisite works of art that belonged to her family and were taken by the nazis. After all these years and after her sister has passed away she decided to fight for her fortune that was stolen from her with  the help of a very young and feisty lawyer.

It is quite a capturing story and it is most interesting when you find out that it is based on real events. The casting is really good and the flashbacks make the story even more vivid. The Viennese music adds to its atmosphere and it is a quiet film worth watching for a quiet afternoon.

The Best Offer

the-best-offer-posterLast night I watched an amazing film called The Best Offer, and it was the best choice for a “mystery” night at home.

Virgil Oldman is the best auctioneer of antique art in the world. He is somewhat eccentric, he loves art and he can tell the original from the fake just by having a quick MCDBEOF EC154look at it. Miss Claire is a young lady that asks him to valuate the furniture and works of art in her house. But he can never see her as she suffers from a strange illness. As he accepts the assignment he grows more curious and makes her trust him little by little.

It is a marvellous mystery drama that its characters attract you and time flies. It is a work of art itself. As Mr Oldman says, nothing is fake, everything is original, as even the best forger cannot help themselves and will put a brush, a shade, a smidgen of colour in a copy of a painting to carry their signature, their feelings; just to show that they were there. But only a well trained eye like Mr Oldman’s can see that. Based on that, is how he chooses to finish his story.

It is a fantastic film. Just watch it at the first chance you get!


The Monuments Men

mon menLast night I watched The Monuments Men.

It is a film about the effort that was made by a group of Americans, mainly, to recover and return pieces of art taken by the Germans in the World War II. Various sculptures and paintings from Monuments-MEn5the Renaissance and after were taken and hidden throughout Europe so that they would be retrieved again when the Fürher’s museum would be finished. Other pieces of art, mainly from modern artists were burnt and destroyed as they were not considered valuable by the Nazi regime.

It is a story that affected me greatly as it added to the more horrific acts that took place in the World War II and amazed me how after all these years I still feel shocked. But how can the horror, the cruelty and absurdity of this war get used to?.

As a film it has a very American feeling with an amazing cast that gives a light feeling to the story. It is easy to watch and if you have nothing better to do it isn’t a complete waste of time.