trouble-with-the-curve-movie-poster-3I just watched Trouble with the curve and though I don’t know much about baseball (I really don’t understand the rules) I enjoyed this film.

A baseball scouter that old age caught up with him, doesn’t want to admit it. But as his eyesight is failing him his friends and enstranged daughter are concerned. Since he has to watch the highschool games and scout, it gets really difficult to do his job. His daughter, a lawyer, who took a lot after her father and knows a lot about baseball, goes with him to the games to make sure he is ok. And a young trouble-with-curve1athlete who turned scout keeps them company and helps the daughter come to terms with her father.

This is such a sweet and whole film. From the beginning to the end the actors are at their best, it is funny and touching and though I didn’t quite understand the jargon around baseball it didn’t really matter. What I have always admired and felt a little envious of, are the people that their passion is what they do for a living. They are experts so they can do no wrong and choose no wrong. They are talented and confident and, if contradicted, time is always by their side, ┬áin the end they are proven to be right! (Plus I came to understand that I love anything Ms Adams does.)