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The Great Gatsby

The-Great-Gatsby-Movie-2013When The Great Gatsby by Baz Lurhmann was advertised to be released I was thrilled and determined to go and watch it. But having chosen Steinbeck over Fitzgerald at university I am ashamed to admit that I had never read the book. I decided to read the book first and afterwards watch the film. So now three years later I have to say that both book and film are perfect! THE GREAT GATSBY

Gatsby is this handsome, mysterious and very rich young man who has suddenly appeared in the social life of the 20s New York and is a neighhbour to Nick whose cousin is Daisy that happens to be Gatsby’s first and only love. Gatsby throws extravagant parties where everybody who is somebody wants to go to and waits for the day that Daisy will enter his door. Daisy that is unhappily married to Mr Buchanan finally sees Gatsby after all these years and is in love again. But everything goes horribly wrong to this love story as something usually does when true love is at stake and we have its tragic end.

The film is fabulous and Lurhman’s aesthetic fits once more and makes the story his own. The music is amazing, the photography is beautiful, Gatsby is mesmerizing and I just wonder once more how come Mr Lurhman didn’t think of making this film sooner. It is simply wonderful!




downloadAfter a difficult labour and a newborn at home I had no spare time to watch a film from beginning to end. The first film I actually managed to watch is Suffragette, one I was really curious to watch and it was really interesting.

We meet Maud Watts, a wife and mother that works long hours at a laundry service in the beginning of 20th century London. She is suffragette-10-xlarge
exhausted, abused and frightened of her boss and since it’s the time the suffragettes started becoming aggressive she started paying attention to them. We see how she turns from a quiet woman into an active suffragette defying men’s authority and fightinh for women to have the right to vote.

I had heard more or less the story of the suffragettes and how they were treated by police and the government, how they were attacked, interrogated, imprisoned and force fed when they went on hunger strikes. What I hadn’t realised and this is why I liked this film is how they lived and were treated before being suffragettes. It clearly shows how they were considered mere property with absolutely no rights as human beings. Men could abuse them, threaten them, take their money, even take their kids away no matter if they were rich or poor. Watching Maud’s life she made me feel afraid and sad. But because she was a woman who could see a better future for herself she was ready to fight back.

Her question to her husband if they had a daughter what life she would live and his answer ‘same as yours’ that helped her decide her actions, made me think of my little girl and how lucky she is to be born in the country that this fight has already been fought. Unfortunately at this day and time in this big world of ours there are a few other women that still have to fight.



Far from the Madding Crowd

download (1)Last night I watched Far from the Madding Crowd, one of the most romantic films I happened to see lately.

Bathsheba Everdene is a young and independent woman helping her aunt with her farm. When farmer Oak sees her he asks her to marry him, but she refuses. After a turn of luck for both of them Miss Everdene inherits her uncle’s farm and imagesfarmer Oak loses all his fortune. He started looking for jobs and he happened to be around Miss Everdene’s farm just in time to save it from fire. Miss Everdene takes him to work in her farm, but her next door neighbour Mr Boldwood is the attractive and eligible bachelor that starts to court her. Still Bathsheba is too independent for a husband, until out of nowhere the young soldier Francis Troy appears in front of her…

Far from the Madding Crowd is one of the most famous books of the Victorian era of English Literature by Thomas Hardy. It is set in the beautiful English countryside and it has lovely melodic music to accompany it. The photography is amazing and it tries to make a point I think; when we know that farmer Oak is well, those are the only times the sun is almost blinding us, and we feel warm and sunny, young and happy. It’s a beautiful romantic love story, one of the best in the English literature as most people say, and one of the sweetest films I’ve ever seen.