The_Two_Faces_of_January_film_posterLast night under a starry sky and a light breeze I went with a friend to a summer cinema to watch The Two Faces of January; and it was lovely!

Based on one of Patricia¬†Highsmith’s novels,¬†The Two Faces of January takes us on a tour in Greece where a wealthy 10-15-12-Actors-VIGGO-MORTENSEN-and-KIRSTEN-DUNST-during-the-filming-of-the-movieThe-Two-Faces-of-January-inside-Parthenon-at-the-Acropolis.-1125x750couple of American tourists, Mr and Mrs McFarland, get in an adventure as soon as they meet the American tourist guide Rydal in the steps of the Acropolis. A trio is formed and their adventure and destiny takes them to Crete and Istanbul. As in most Highsmith’s novels, tragedy hits. In this case it’s like a Greek tragedy. The protagonists after their own wrong doings and frauds are punished when fate steps in; the end is cathartic as it should be.

The film is atmospheric; the music is riveting; the characters are gripping and engage the spectator in their whims and vices; and all that is set in a beautiful mythical background in Greece of the 60s.

A good film with a good friend in a Greek summer night; heaven on earth!