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Love, Rosie

love__rosie__2015____movie_poster_by_blantonl98-d8gtc68Last night I watched a romantic film that I hadn’t heard anything about. It is called Love, Rosie.

Rosie and Alex met when they were 5 years old and living in the same street they have been the closest and best of friends ever since. But growing into adults started to complicate their Love-Rosie
relationship and friendship. Just when they decide to leave their home town and go to college life steps in and changes their plans putting a great distance between them.

It is based on a book called Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern which I had never read. The film is quite nice as it is quite funny at times with weird situations that seem a bit too much; but as we know weird situations can happen to anyone any day. I loved the music when they went clubbing as it reminded me of my youth. It is sweet and interesting to watch and makes you think of how absolute and innocent first love can be.



Last Vegas

last vegasWhen I decided to watch Last Vegas I didn’t know exactly what to expect and I was a little prejudiced against it. I guess I thought why watch a film with a bunch of old guys? So since these old guys is old Hollywood, they really know how to make a film! And I was pleasantly surprised!last-vegas

Four 70 year olds that had been friends since childhood but hadn’t seen each other for over a year, get together as one of them decides to get married. Since after a lifetime of being single he finally decided to tie the knot to a woman that could have been his daughter, in Las Vegas, his friends decided to leave their troubles behind, start a new adventure, join him and throw an amazing bachelor party.

It is a film about old age but it is also about life, how important it is and how we have to live it. Get together with people that make us happy and understand us no matter how far apart we live. It is a simple story, but it is quite fun to watch!


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