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MV5BMTUyMTE0ODcxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODE4NDQzNTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_I finally watched Mad Max Fury Road more out of curiosity than interest as I know my interests are quite different than these kinds of films.

In a futuristic society where the whole world has been destroyed, there is hardly any water and very few societies have survived. The person that keeps the water has all the power. In such a world, maxresdefaultcraziness, violence and hunger prevail, and all that can lead to
dangerous behaviour. Here we see Furiosa trying to save 5 young girls from a cruel master and Mad Max unwillingly joined them.

As I said earlier it didn’t have much to interest me. I knew that Mad Max was a series of films released in the 80s with Mel Gibson. I don’t understand the point of resurrecting them. I don’t understand all this craziness, violence, fury and nonsense that is set in the future. What difference does it make and why is it interesting? Where is the creativity and inspiration in all of this? If you want to show the futility of life, the craziness, violence, fury and nonsense you don’t need to imagine it in the future; have a look at the present.

maxresdefault (1)


X-Men_Days_of_Future_Past_Official_poster_004I hadn’t watched the X-Men series for some time although I remember I had really enjoyed the first and the second films. So last night I decided to watch the last one, X-Men: Days of Future Past and I loved it too!

In this last film we see the humans having developed an amazing weapon to kill all mutants, movies-x-men-days-of-future-past-peter-dinklagethe sentinels, robotic machines that can change according to the mutant’s skill and thus be indestructible. But the sentinels have lead to the destruction of the whole civilized world, as we see mutants and humans who helped them being killed. Professor X and Magneto form a plan to stop this war before it ever begins, and for that Wolverine has to travel decades back in time. He has to find young professor and young Magneto, convince them of the future threat and stop the birth of the sentinels.

It is a fantastic adventure with an amazing cast that got me interested to watch X-Men once again. The special effects are fabulous and the story is catching, although traveling back in time always leaves me a little baffled. I loved watching the difference between the future and the 70’s aesthetics. I know that there are plans for new X-Men adventures to follow, but this film could have been the perfect ending.


Divergent-movie-poster-4I finally watched Divergent. Another film that is based on a book trilogy and is set in a fantastic and dystopian society; and although I am a great fan of The Hunger Games (one can’t help but to compare them), I also have to say that I loved this one too.

This society is divided into 5 factions and when somebody comes of age they have to choose in which faction they want to belong. Once they choose they can never go back. Our heroine zoe kravitz divergent apBeatrice decided to join the Dauntless, a faction that is like the police, but from the tests that she did she seems to be a Divergent, meaning that she doesn’t belong to only one faction. That is something that if known could kill her. So she becomes very distrustful trying to keep her secret.

It is a film set in an imaginary future of our world, a future that seems grim, but is more like a metaphor of our society as it isn’t as far away from reality as we would like to think. Using the greater good, world peace, fear of the unknown and general safety as an excuse, people can be tamed, controlled and have limited freedom. Does that sound strange, weird, foreign?



her-movie-posterOne of my closest friends insisted on me watching Her, and she had a reason. Because finally a film like that appears and you feel that something totally new was born from people who actually have something fresh to say. Since new ideas have become really rare, Her has felt like a rain of new ideas giving me so much food for thought and feeling.

There is Theodore, a lonely letter-writer who starts a relationship with an operating system, Samantha. Throughout the film we get information about his life and his relationships either friendly, romantic or professional, how his new relationship with Samantha started and evolved and how this new experience affected and 3023517-inline-i-3-what-we-can-learn-about-the-future-of-ai-mobile-design-love-and-pants-from-spike-jonzes-herchanged him.

It is a film that explores everything there is about every kind of relationship. A lovely long term relationship of a couple that actually grew up together, the ugly endings, the few uncomfortable dates, meaningless sex, loneliness, excitement over a new love, how it evolves and becomes old and boring leading you to another conlusion and a new result, which will open another door and new expectations. It is the circle of life for me. Endless, similar, yet so immensely different, new, fresh, weird. At the same time I loved the music, the colours, and the new technological design and possibilities in this film.

Is it optimistic for the future or pessimistic? Each one of us has to decide for themselves! My friend loved it and so did I; just listen to her and and watch it!


prometheusSince I found out Prometheus 2 is going to be released next year I decided to watch the first film to see what it is about.

In the year 2093 a team of scientists board the spaceship Prometheus on an expedition in search of humanity’s makers, based on the theories and discoveries of two archaeologists. Prometheus-prometheus-2012-film-30865799-800-533This expedition is funded by a zillionaire who is set to find the answers to the ancient questions and live forever. After two years travelling in space they finally reach their destination, a planet where these makers are lying dead. Or not quite… Like the ancient Prometheus these people set to get answers for the world and help humankind. But I couldn’t help but feel that answers we don’t get.

The film seemed quite interesting and it had potential, but when it finished something bothered me. It is just a very bad film. There was lack of imagination and inexplicable violence. This supposedly higher species who was the creator of mankind the first thing that decides to do when the last one awakes after years of sleeping is kill four short people that he sees in front of him. The alien creature that had to appear in the last scenes had to be exactly like the Alien beings in the initial 1979 Alien film. And finally something that I noticed for the first time in a film; there was absolutely no reason for Ms Theron’s part in the film. It would have been literally exactly the same film had she not been there. I started to think that she took part only to attract viewers. Such a shame. And now they want to make a second? Why?