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American Ultra

American_Ultra_posterLast night as I turned on the TV there was American Ultra on, so more out of boredom than interest I watched it.

Mike is a young guy that works in a third rate cash n carry and he is very much in love with Phoebe, his girlfriend. He seems to lead a pretty uneventful life when all of a sudden two guys come
american-ultra-gogg to kill him. He manages to kill them professionally and swiftly using as a weapon only a spoon! And he can’t explain why. When CIA agent Lasseter appears things become a bit clearer.

It’s a fast paced action film/comedy/parody that it’s quite easy to watch and since the title doesn’t give much away I didn’t know what to expect; which was an interesting surprise. I’ll probably never watch it again, but it is not so bad to watch once.




Rio 2

rio2Yesterday I watched the second movie with the cute blue macaw Blu, Rio 2 and it’s not a bad way to spend your evening.

In this sequel we see Blu and Jewel that have created their own family, as well as Linda and Tulio that got married and have their honeymoon in the depths of the Amazon rio-2-group-glight-600-370rainforest. Blu and Jewel decide to go and find Linda in the Amazon and they stumble on a secret colony of blue macaws, which happens to be Jewel’s wild family, that everyone thought they didn’t exist and that is how Blu’s new adventure begins.

It is also a very colourful and musical film like the first, some scenes are quite funny and I loved the rhythm. But it made me quite sad. While in the Amazon the birds were introduced to the illegal lumberjacks and we are presented with the subject of deforestation, which is still a huge problem for Brazil and consequently for the whole planet. In the film the birds decided to unite, fight against the humans and drive them away. So all’s well that ends well. I only wish it were that simple.


rio 2


Rio-MOVIE-WALLPAPER-blu-from-the-computer-animated-film-rio-22924616-525-402Because of an advertisement I saw of Rio 2, I caught myself wondering about Rio 1. I decided to find out what it is about and start at the beginning. So this lazy Sunday afternoon I watched Rio.

It is the wonderful story of a rare blue macaw that was taken from his natural habitat Rio-2011-Movie-Rio-and-Lindato be displayed in an unnatural zoo. On the way there, there was an accident and he was found by a little girl, Linda, who took him under her wing and raised him as her pet. When Blu, the macaw, came of age, Linda was informed that he must reproduce and that is how Blu’s adventures really begin.

The film is so colourful and vibrant with beautiful movements and energy by the exotic birds and melodic songs that it is simply a joy to watch. Since we see Blu in Rio de Janeiro at the time of the Carnaval the only thing that I wanted to do when the film finished, was go to Brasil!



Now you see me‘My job? To take that most precious of gifts you give me, your attention, and use it against you!’

On a boring Sunday evening I wanted to watch something that would be entertaining and I hit the spot with Now you see me.

Four illusionists get together under a strange summoning and pull together amazing stunts and magic tricks on stage, like robbing a bank in France! As expected they attract the attention of the FBI and the Now you see me the showInterpol. We follow the plot as the police is fooled and tricked as well by the illusionists and they can’t prove a thing. I was hooked from the start as the trick with the cards is amazing. (I also chose the card that appeared on the building! How did this happen?)

The story blends together, the characters are a great team, the actors are all first rate artists and though I thought that I could find out the mystery character … well, I didn’t. It is exciting, it is entertaining, it will definitely make for an interesting evening and that is why it has been announced that Now you see me 2 is on the making! Now you see me cops