robin-hood-2010Rise and rise again until lambs become lions…

It is actually as true for the 21st century as it was for the 12th century England. The corruption, the conspiracies, the betrayals! Based on the notorious legend of Robin Hood, the aristocrat who returned from war to find chaos and disorder in his homeland, turned outlaw to take from the rich and give to the poor and fell in love with beautiful Lady Marion of course. Now this Robin Hood released in 2010 2010_robin_hood_005has a difference. It feels real, how the story could have been. It takes the legendary story of Robin and integrates it with a part of English history, basing it on the real disputing and battling between King John and King Philip II of France!

The film travels us back in time! The atmosphere of the scenes is so beguiling, the costumes are so real, the setting as well, it felt to me that I could almost smell what they smelt. It takes us back and we see their games. wars, dancing and drinking whenever there was a chance! It is a charming period film and it is worth the almost 2 and 1/2 hours.

PS. Isn’t it amazing how Mr Crow is so sexy in some films and so off-putting in some others? Oh, don’t worry, this is one where he is!