film-bridesmaidsLast night I finally watched the film Bridesmaids which was in my ‘to watch’ list for quite some time.

When Lillian gets engaged to be married her long time friend 91AekcUuy+L._SL1500_Annie is going to be her maid of honor and a new circle of friends will be her bridesmaids. Although Annie is happy for her friend, her personal life is far from satisfactory and she feels a total failure. Through her own disappointments she can’t see how she is ruining her friend’s wedding preparations and a lot of things don’t go according to her plans.

Somewhere I had heard that it was supposed to be the female equivalent of The Hangover so I expected something funny, but as I remember it The Hangover was much funnier. It was an ok film to spend the evening, but I didn’t relate to any of the characters and didn’t laugh as much as I expected.