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Spy2015_TeaserPosterLast night I watched Spy a comedy/parody of spy thrillers and James Bond movies.

Susan Cooper is a CIA agent who has never been out on a mission. She has always been the eyes and ears of her colleague and loveSpy-movie-review-melissa-mccarthy-jude-law
interest agent Fine. When Fine is killed in action and a lot of field agents have been compromised, she decides to leave her desk, catch the villain and avenge her colleague’s death.

It is a parody of spy films that takes us around the globe and it is quite funny. I have always loved films that show us action in various famous locations and aren’t only in a studio. Susan is a funny spy as her general appearance is very far from what we are used to seeing in spies and spy heroines; it is also her asset as the villain doesn’t see her coming. It is a well made film that is quite enjoyable to watch.




St Vincent

St_Vincent_posterLast Sunday I watched St. Vincent a drama/comedy which I really liked.

Vincent is a guy that lives his life on the sidelines. He is dirty, rude, bankrupt, probably an ST. VINCENTalcoholic and his closest relationship is to a pregnant prostitute. When a young boy, Oliver, moves next door to Vincent quite a few things change unexpectedly. Oliver’s mum works long hours trying to make ends meet as she is trying to raise him by herself, so the boy spends quite some time with Vincent as his babysitter and gets to know him.

It is a sweet film, with a sweet relationship developing between Oliver and Vincent. It is quite melancholic in the beginning but it includes a few scenes that I found hilarious and in the end it is also quite moving. Take a few tissues close to you and watch it; it is definitely worth your time.