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downloadAfter a difficult labour and a newborn at home I had no spare time to watch a film from beginning to end. The first film I actually managed to watch is Suffragette, one I was really curious to watch and it was really interesting.

We meet Maud Watts, a wife and mother that works long hours at a laundry service in the beginning of 20th century London. She is suffragette-10-xlarge
exhausted, abused and frightened of her boss and since it’s the time the suffragettes started becoming aggressive she started paying attention to them. We see how she turns from a quiet woman into an active suffragette defying men’s authority and fightinh for women to have the right to vote.

I had heard more or less the story of the suffragettes and how they were treated by police and the government, how they were attacked, interrogated, imprisoned and force fed when they went on hunger strikes. What I hadn’t realised and this is why I liked this film is how they lived and were treated before being suffragettes. It clearly shows how they were considered mere property with absolutely no rights as human beings. Men could abuse them, threaten them, take their money, even take their kids away no matter if they were rich or poor. Watching Maud’s life she made me feel afraid and sad. But because she was a woman who could see a better future for herself she was ready to fight back.

Her question to her husband if they had a daughter what life she would live and his answer ‘same as yours’ that helped her decide her actions, made me think of my little girl and how lucky she is to be born in the country that this fight has already been fought. Unfortunately at this day and time in this big world of ours there are a few other women that still have to fight.




Ricki and the Flash

Ricki_and_the_Flash_posterLast night I watched Ricki and the Flash, a family story.

Ricki is a middle aged rock singer that aspired to be a rock star, that’s why she abandoned her family. She hasn’t been very ricki-and-the-flash-m4v-670
successful that’s why she needs to work in a super market too. When she hears that her daughter was cheated by her new husband and is suicidal she ran to help her. But it is not an easy situation. She has alienated herself from her children all these years that she was absent trying to become famous.

It is an interesting film a bit depressing in the beginning, but the casting is fabulous so the story flows. It is not going to make you cry, but it does have a statement about independence and gender equality. It is not a bad film to watch on a Sunday afternoon but it isn’t going to become your favourite film.


Into the Woods

Into-The-Woods_3142052cLast night, I watched a fairy tale/musical that I wanted to watch for some time now and I was really excited about it: Into the woods.

It is a combination of various famous fairy tales by the Grimm brothers, like Little hr_into_the_woods_11Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Jack and the magic beans, Cinderella etc. The main characters find themselves in the woods for different reasons, they meet and their stories intertwine; and in the end, they finish most unexpectedly.

Because we already know the plot of these stories and their characters it felt like meeting old friends in new adventures. I liked the fact that they joke with the princes and the princesses; Cinderella is showing doubts regarding the prince and the baker’s wife gets confused in the story. The photography and the mood in the woods is amazing and the casting is so talented that, it is a joy to look at. If only the music was just… better. Not one melody stuck into my head for me to hum this morning, not one song made me love this film.

I would say to watch it once, but I doubt you will want to watch it twice.


Mamma Mia!

poster_summer1_bigAs we hope for summer here in Edinburgh, outdoor films are organized in the city. It’s a lovely idea but you need to be ready for any kind of weather. So last Sunday instead of a mosquito repellent, we took a blanket with us and went to watch Mamma Mia!

It all starts with Sofia’s wedding and her decision to invite her father. The problem is she doesn’t MCDMAMI EC036know who her father is. Based on an old diary that her mother was writing the time just before she got pregnant, she decides to invite three men that all seem to be the candidates. Only Donna, Sofia’s mother has no idea they are coming to the wedding!

It is a wonderful, fun film with the amazing songs by ABBA and the magnificent background of Skopelos. You are guaranteed to have a great time and dance, like we did every time there was a song ( it was the perfect way to keep warm!) For me it is the perfect girl’s film. It puts me into summer mood as I count only two weeks left for my holidays under the Greek sun!


August: Osage County

august osage county” ‘Life is very longT.S. Eliot” 

The film starts with these few words and a disappearance.

There is Beverly, an alcoholic, married to Violet who is addicted to pills. Beverly decides to hire an MERYL STREEP stars in AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTYIndian girl to take care of things in the house, and then suddenly disappears. Because of this crisis, the whole family assembles in their house to support Violet and little by little we meet these characters who all have their cross to bear and almost every scene ends with a new secret revealed.

It wasn’t a fun film to watch but it sure was interesting. I’ll admit that if it hadn’t been for the actors that take part in it I wouldn’t have watched it. It is one of the difficult films to watch as we see these people who love each other really but are cruel to each other and are torn apart. There are mean words shared between sisters, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives. It is quite a realistic film, but one has to be in a good mood to watch it.