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Two night stand

Two_night_standAnother film that I happened upon on TV and decided to watch was Two Night Stand.

It is the story of two single people Alec and Megan, that meet through one of the online dating services and end up having a maxresdefault
one night stand in Alec’s house. In the morning there is a terrible blizzard and Megan is trapped in his house so they have to spend the whole day together, but things go a bit off so it is not as friendly as it was previously. But when night came they make up and  have the second night stand.

Have you ever watched something that was so bad but you couldn’t stop watching it? The performances are so bad, especially the girl’s, that they are unforgettable and for the rest eg. music, plot there is no space for talking about it in this blog.






WhiplashLast night I watched Whiplash one of the Oscars favourite from last year.

Andrew had been passionate about drums since he was a child and at 19 he went to one of the best music schools in the country to become one of the greatest musicians. Fletcher is a passionate teacher in this school, in search of a student who will be one of the greatest. When the two of them get together we see one of the hardest and most demanding relationships between master and student.

It is  a very interesting drama with fantastic music that gets you thinking. What is greatness and how can it be achieved? Talent is obviously not enough.whiplash-2-xlarge

The student knew and accepted that to be great he had to push himself and overcome what he thought were his limits. That’s why he broke up with his girl, that’s why he went back to play for his teacher’s band although he was the one that accused him. The teacher also knew that if he wanted one of his students to be one of the ‘greats’ he had to push them harder so they would overcome their limits; simply telling them “good job” is not enough. I admired the kid that finally overcame his teacher’s obstacles because I believe he deserved to be one of the greats. I just don’t think that the teacher deserved to have found one of the greats. I accept that he was harsh and wouldn’t give away a kind word for anything, he wouldn’t show any appreciation and he was cruel when he talked to his students. But I accepted that all that was to push them out of their limits. What he did in the end showed me that he just wanted to take revenge.