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Two night stand

Two_night_standAnother film that I happened upon on TV and decided to watch was Two Night Stand.

It is the story of two single people Alec and Megan, that meet through one of the online dating services and end up having a maxresdefault
one night stand in Alec’s house. In the morning there is a terrible blizzard and Megan is trapped in his house so they have to spend the whole day together, but things go a bit off so it is not as friendly as it was previously. But when night came they make up and  have the second night stand.

Have you ever watched something that was so bad but you couldn’t stop watching it? The performances are so bad, especially the girl’s, that they are unforgettable and for the rest eg. music, plot there is no space for talking about it in this blog.





Don Jon

Don_Jon_PosterLast night I watched Don Jon, another modern interpretation of Don Juan’s myth, the famous womanizer, which tackles modern issues.

Jon is a young man who has set clearly and happily his life in order. He has his job, his family, his don-jonfriends, goes to the gym and to church, he finds really hot ladies to have sex with and he is addicted to porn. He seems content, he is not entirely satisfied and in reality he wants what most of us want in life; another human being to feel close to.

I thought this film was kind of a study in human nature and social behaviour. We clearly see that Jon is troubled and we see him work towards his goal, to find what is missing from his life. Taken from a specific point of view it is quite interesting as it shows and analyses characters in a very fresh way. The characters are not particularly likeable, but they are quite realistic and they all show various aspects of today’s social behaviour; the sister that is always texting, the father that can’t really have a conversation, the mother that is obssessed with grandchildren, the girlfriend that little by little wants to change the boyfriend.

Although it might not be the perfect film for a girl’s night in, it is definitely worth watching.