The Woman in BlackLast night I watched a film that was never on my list of films that I HAD TO watch, because I don’t really watch thrillers, but it started and I was caught! It was quite interesting and very scary!

Arthur Kipps is trying very hard to keep his job at the law firm where he’s working and when the firm sends him to a remote village in the north he leaves his 4-year old son with his nanny and goes to the village to sort things out. He has to gatherthe-woman-in-black-whysoblu-com-4 the documents from an old house whose owner just died, so that it will be sold, but when he gets there he finds that all the villagers don’t want him and try to make him leave. Determined not to lose his job he spends time in the house which seems haunted as a woman in black appears and disappears.

Without much dialogue it is a great thriller based on the house’s atmosphere, the villagers’ hurt looks, the marshes and the protagonist’s face who is also haunted by his wife’s memory. After watching for about an hour I thought of not watching the rest and turn the TV off  but, well, I couldn’t! I remember feeling my heart beat quite fast and though I tried to rationalize it and calm down, well, I couldn’t! I thought of not writing about it in this blog but, well, I couldn’t! But I have to say, I still don’t believe in ghosts.